Whatsapp Web | How to access Whatsapp from mobile to your computer

Whatsapp Web enables you to access your Whatsapp account using a web browser. We all know that there’s no Whatsapp app for a computer device, but if you want to access your Whatsapp content to perform all your Whatsapp activities on your PC, you can only do that through the Whatsapp Web.

Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp messenger is a free mobile app for sending and receiving instant messages, voice and video calls and also for sharing files images and videos. Users can share content with, chat and connect to other Whatsapp users in their contact list without delay. The application is free, reliable, simple and secure to use. However, you can get the app by visiting the app store or google play store on your mobile phone for easy downloading and installation.

Whatsapp Web

The Web a very easy means to access Whatsapp and it is also safe. On the Web, users can send and receive messages from their Whatsapp friend list. They can also view or access all the media content as well. So to use this platform, you only need to sync your mobile. I don’t know how to Sync my device in other to access Whatsapp on PC?  The section below will help you out.

How to Sync Whatsapp from mobile to Computer

The task is very easy, most of us make use of the Zender app to share or transfer files. It works just like the way you use the Zender app to transfer content on your device.

Steps to connect Whatsapp Web

  • Navigate to your Web browser and search for www.web.whatsap.com
  • It will take you to their official homepage.
  • Then get your mobile phone and open the app, go to the menu button at the right top corner and click on it.
  • From the pop-up list, scroll down and click on the “Whatsapp Web” button
  • This will open the Whatsapp QR code scanner.
  • Just place your phone camera close to your computer, to capture the code. Once it captures it, your account will show on the screen, including your previous chat and your other account content.

Note, make sure your mobile phone is close to your computer to keep it connected because it can Disconnect when it’s far from the computer.

How To log out

After accessing your account from your computer, you will like to log out to avoid other people from accessing your account, it is very simple, look at what to do here

  • Go to your Whatsapp page
  • Click on the menu icon represented with three dots
  • Tap on Whatsapp Web button.
  • On the next page scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit the “log out from all device” button


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