Avantcard Mastercard, offers you the very best of offers and services, giving you access to exclusive experiences at home and abroad. Avantcard is designed to replace the old Visa card with the hopes of bringing better and exclusive offers

Avantcard Mastercard

What Benefits do I get With Avantcard Mastercard? 

  • Mastercard customers get access to exclusive experiences at home and abroad via Priceless Ireland. 
  • Your new card is contactless, which enables you pay swiftly for anything under €30. To start using contactless, simply purchase something using chip and PIN to activate the contactless function. 
  • Your Avantcard is accepted globally. This implies that you can use your card to make regular withdrawals in cash machines all over the globe. You can also make over-the-counter withdrawals in banks, building societies and bureau de changes. 


Avantages is Avantcard Customer Rewards Programme, to enable you save money with 100’s of discounts and cashback offers from leading retailers available at your finger tips. This is brought to you via Avantcard and their partners Mastercard, Booking.com and Wrkit. 

Avantages Rewards 

A Reward portal that offers 100s of discounts, cashback, and services that suit you. 

Priceless Cities 

Gives you access to exclusive experiences and offers at home and abroad. 


Offers a 4% cashback with Booking.com via the online banking. 

  What Fees/Rates are associated with Avantcard Mastercard? 

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR – Nil 
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR –  Nil 
  • Annul Fee – $29
  • Purchase Intro APR – Nil 
  • Purchase Regular APR – 26.24% (Variable) 
  • Cash Advance Rate – 26.24% (Variable) 
  • Cash Advance Fee – 3%, Min: $5
  • Late Fee – Up to $35
  • Penalty APR – N/A
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – $0
  • Returned Payment Fee – $0

What you need to know before you apply 

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age 
  • Should be a resident of the Republic of Ireland. 

How do I apply? 

  • You can apply by scrolling to AvantCard application portal 
  • Enter your First name, Last name, Date of birth, SSN, and Phone. 
  • Next, enter Email, Create password, Password confirmation. 
  • Enter the promotional code from the letter you received 
  • Review the terms and conditions of the card 
  • Thereafter, tap on the “Continue to Application” link. 

What is staying the same? 

  • Interest rate and other account terms, stays the same 
  • Your PIN remains the same 
  • Online banking log in information remains the same. 

What is changing? 

  • Your new MasterCard credit card comes with a different card number to your old Visa card, also with a new expiry date and CV2 number. 
  • You also get a new 16 digit account number starting in 245. This is the number you normally find on your Avantcard online banking account or on your statement. 

What you need to do once you get your new card

You are advised to do the following once you get your new card. 

  • Sign your new MasterCard 
  • Cut up your old Visa Card 
  • Update regular transactions which you have earlier set up on your Visa Card, such as monthly or annual subscriptions like Sky, Netflix or your healthcare, with your new card number to ensure your subscription is uninterrupted. 
  • Make use of your new card or account number when you are making payments to your Avantcard credit card. Your new account number, can be found on the statement after you get your new card or by logging into your Avantcard online account. 

Why am I being issued a MasterCard instead of a Visa card? 

Avantcard, works with a sole credit card partner which is MasterCard, instead of two partners. Thus it focuses it’s efforts on bringing you the very best offers and service. 

What if I still want to retain my Visa card? 

If you still insist on retaining your Visa card, you can cancel your new card, and close your account at any time. Your Visa card remains active for 30 days from the date you get your new card. 

I thought I had closed this account, why am I am getting a new card? 

It is likely that there is small credit or debit balance remaining on your account, which implies your account is not fully closed. You can get help by contacting the customer service team by calling at 0818 409 511

What happens if I keep using my Visa card? 

Your Visa card will only remain active for 30 days from when you get it, or until you use your new MasterCard for the first time. Thus you are advised to start using your MasterCard credit card immediately. Transactions attempted with your Visa card after the 30 days period will be declined. 

How about regular payments that I make with my Visa card like Sky or my healthcare? 

You will be required to update some details like regular transactions you have set up on your Visa card such as monthly or annual subscriptions like Sky, Netflix, or your healthcare any payments you make to Avantcard. 

Avantcard Help Center 

If you have any question, contact the Customer service team by calling at 0818 409 511

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