Circle Credit Card gives you the global acceptance of Visa, with a competitive purchase and cash advance rate of interest. Circle Credit Card is issued by Circle Alliance Bank.

Circle Credit Card

Why Should i Choose Circle Credit Card ?

  • Cardholders, pay the same rate of interest on the purchases they make with the card as well as cash withdrawals from an ATM. 
  • Use your card, wherever Visa is accepted. This is in millions of places all over the globe, make purchases over the counter, make withdrawals from ATMs, that take Visa cards online 
  • Stay protected against fraud, when you use this card 
  • Victims of card fraud, get a money back guarantee from Visa. 

What is the Fees/Rates associated with this card? 

  • Annual Fee – $60 p.a.
  • Purchase Rate (p.a.) – 14.5% p.a. 
  • Interest Free Period – Up to 55days on purchases 
  • Cash Advance Rate (p.a.) – 14.5% p.a. 
  • Minimum Credit Limit – $500
  • Maximum Credit Limit – $15,000
  • Foreign Currency Conversion Fee (VISA) – 2% of transaction value 

What you need to know before you apply? 

  • A good credit rating is required 
  • Be at least 18 years of age 
  • Applicant should be able to service the minimum credit limit of $500.
  • Should have a steady source of income. 

How do I apply for this card? 

  • You can apply for this card by visiting the card site 
  • Once on the site, key in the following personal details; Complete name, Date of birth, Driver’s license number, Marital status, Number of dependent children, Residential address and Email address. 
  • The following employment details is needed; Basis of employment, Occupation, Your employers name and Contact details, then your Total net income. 
  • Thereafter, enter your Financial information, including your assets and liabilities. Assets includes; Land, Property, Motor vehicles, Home contents, and savings. Liabilities includes; details as regards your mortgage payments, Rent, Loans, Credit cards and Store cards. 
  • Then, provide your Security details. If you desire to provide security to take advantage of the special interest rate available, you are to provide details about the type of property, it’s address, it’s current value, and title details. 

How do I activate my Circle Credit Card 

You can activate your card, calling by 1300 553 582

How do I report a lost or stolen card? 

You can report a lost or stolen card, by calling 1800 648 027 or +61 2 8299 9101 (From overseas) 

What are the benefits of banking with Circle? 

Discounted rate: With Circle, you have the advantage of accessing a discounted rate via a few different avenues. 

High service standards: Circle employees, are quick to respond to members queries on a one-to-one basis. 

Quick processing: A particular employee processes your application from start to finish, and keeps you updated on things on a regular basis. 

Is there any difference in the cash advance rate and the purchase rate? 

No, cash advance and purchase rates of the Circle credit card are the same. 

Do Circle credit cards offer rewards? 

No, credit cards that are offered by Circle does not offer any rewards or reward points. 

Can I ask for an increase of my card’s credit limit? 

Yes you can, but you have to meet Circle’s credit criteria to be eligible. 

How do I close my account? 

Yes, you can do so by submitting a written request. After you close your account, you remain liable to make payments towards any outstanding balance on your account, which includes fees and charges levied before the account’s closure. 

How do I check the status of my application? 

Yes, you can check the status of your application by calling Circle’s member relationship team. 

Circle Credit Card Customer Service Number 

If you have any question, call 1300 553 582 

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