Wi-Fi Calling On Apple Devices /How Does it Work?

Wi-Fi Calling on Apple Devices? with this service you can make or receive calls once there is Wi-Fi network connection.  In this article we will be looking at how you can use it on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple watch. For iPhone device, make sure you have iPhone 5c or later.

Wi-Fi Calling on Apple Devices

How To Make Wi-Fi Calls With Apple device(iPhone)

Follow the guidelines below to place a Wi-Fi calls with this apple device

  • Enable Wi-Fi calling
  • Add a device
  • Make and receive calls from another device

Turn on Wi-Fi calling

  • Go to settings
  • Click on “phone” tab
  • Navigate and select “Wi-Fi calling” widget from the list,  to enable it
  • you might be prompted to enter your address for emergency. When your Wi-Fi calling is available, it will see Wi-Fi icon next to your service provider

How To Add An Apple Device to make WiFi calls

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Ensure Wi-Fi calling is enabled
  • Turn on calls on other devices
  • Click on “Add Wi-Fi calling for other devices” widget
  • Locate your other device and sign in to iCloud and FaceTime using same Apple ID and password
  • Turn on Wi-Fi calling. For iPod touch or iPad, on the settings page, select FaceTime, click on calls from iPhone, then select upgradetoWiFicalling. For MacClickon “FaceTime” icon, select “FaceTime”, click on “preferences” tab , tap “settings” button, navigate and choose “calls from iPhone” widget then upgrade to Wi-Fi calling link.
  • A six digit code will display on the screen, then Key it on your iPhone and choose “allow” option

How To Make And receive Wi-Fi calls From Other Apple device

When you are done with the procedure given above, making and receiving calls becomes very easy.  You will learn how to make Wi-Fi call with your apple devices, for instance, your iPod touch, IPad, Apple way or Mac

Make Calls from iPod touch/iPad or Mac

  • Tap to open FaceTime.
  • Click on “audio” tab
  • Key in the phone number of the person you want to call and then select “callicon

To Use Wi-Fi Calling From Apple Watch

  • Click to open “phone app” on your Apple watch
  • Select a “contact” then click on the “ call dialing” icon
  • Move to choose the phone number you want to dial.

How To Remove Wi-Fi calling on apple device

After adding Wi-Fi calling on Apple Devices, and you changed your mind, you can remove it. Simply follow the steps below

  • Go to settings on your iPhone
  • Click on “phone” widget
  • Select “Calls on other devices” tab
  • From the list presented  Locate the device you want to exclude and turn off the Wi-Fi calling.

If you are still having issues with this calling Service kindly visit https://support.apple.com


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