WP Rocket – WP Rocket plugin | How to install WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a tool that provides speed-boosting to a WordPress site. Increase speed in your WP site, get more traffic and conversions with the Rocket caching plugin. there are three types of rocket you can use to speed up your WordPress site, we have the WordPress Rockett footer JS, WordPress rocket ASYNC CSS and lastly the WP Rocket footer background cache. Learn more about these plugins and how to install it in this write-up.

WP Rocket

1: WP Footer JS

What does the footer JS do?  The footer JS is embedded with diverse features designed to make your site run faster, in case you are not satisfied with its feature, you can still get an expert with this plugin to assist you.

  • It automatically lazy load popular tab like Google maps with Avada theme, all Google Adsenseadvertisement, Amazon ads, stable upons, vk.com, Woocommerce social media share tab plugin etc.
  • Optimize popular 3rd party services including, google tag manager, face pixel tracking, double click Google analytics, MCAfeesecure, avvo.com, cornerstone page builder, push crew tracking etc.

How to install WP Rocket footer JS

If you are interested in getting the footer JS rocket, follow the directions given below to install

  • Login to your WordPress account
  • Navigate to the WP plugin page by selecting “plugins” in the left pane
  • Upload plugin and then choose the zip file
  • Tap on the install tab. 
  • After installation, go ahead and activate it from the plugin page.
  • Clear the rocket cache and then view HTML source.

2: Rocket ASYNC CSS

This type of rocket helps organize all in line and external CSS in the order found on the page, then save it as a new file in the cache folder. This feature makes it very easy and fun to use.

How To install ASYNC CSS

There are two ways you can use to install this rocket which is by uploading the plugin files to the wp/content/plugins/rocket-aasynccss direct or go straight to the WordPress plugins page and install the plugin.

The next step to take after installation is the activation step. Just go to the plugin page from WP. View it using an HTML source to check it out.

3: WP Rocket Background Cache

What is the work of this plugin?  The plugin enable you postpone every preloading cache to WP Cron. And in case a page request comes up and the page is not yet catched, the rocket will be disabled.

How To install WP Rocket Background Cache

The installation process is similar to the installation steps of the two rocket discuss earlier. To get this plugin, kindly take these steps.

  • Upload the rocket background cache to the WordPress/content/plugins/directory.
  • On the WP page, move over to the plugin menu and activate it. 

With these plugins provided above, you are sure of getting a massive speed boost on your WordPress site. the WP Rocket is the only cache plugin that coordinates about 80% of web performance best practices without activating any options.


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