Yahoo Business Email Setup

You can easily start and complete Yahoo Business Email Setup with just some few steps. All you have to do is follow the guide in this article and set up your Yahoo Mail for business and stay ahead of what matters the most to you.

Yahoo Business Email Setup

What is Yahoo Business Email?

Yahoo Business Email is designed to help you increase credibility for business for your business. It gives you a business email address that gives your business a brand edge when communicating with customers and partners.

Yahoo Business Email Setup Benefits

  • Increases your credibility for your business
  • Get affordable service, simple setup
  • Reach out to millions of users across the globe
  • You can choose the plan that best suits you.

Yahoo Business Email Setup on Android

Start by clicking on Settings app

Tapon the settings icon

Key in your Yahoo Business Email address and your email password in the fields given and tap “Manual Setup”

Select “POP3” beneath “what type of account is this”

Fillout your full business email address and Password again in the fields given. Type in “” into the blank under “POP3” server. Type in “995” in the space under “Port” Press “Next” once you are done.

Fillout “” under “SMPT Server. Type in “465” under “Port” Type in your Bizmal email under “Username” and your password under “Password” Press “Next” Once you are done.

Step 2

Decide how often you want your Android to check for email using the drop-down menu underneath “Inbox checking frequency”.  Tap “Next” to continue.

Enter a name for your account, if you want. Key in your name that you want to appear on messages sent from your Bizmal account. Tap “Done” to complete your Business setup on your Android device.

Yahoo Business Email Setup on iOS / 6 with IMAP

Click on “Settings”

Tap on passwords & accounts

Click “Add Account”

Click “Other”

Tap “Add Mail Account”

Fillout the following: The name you want on your outgoing email. Email – Your full business mail email address. Password – The app password you created. A descriptive name for your account.

Click on “Next”

Click “IMAP”

Beneaththe incoming mail server, type in the following; Host name, User name, and Password.

Beneath outgoing mail server, type in the following; Host name, User name, Password.

Tap “Next”

Click “Save”. You’ll be redirected back to the screen where you will see your current email accounts.

Click the one you just setup

Click your account under the IMAP heading.

Scroll down and click “Advanced”

Step 2

Beneath Incoming Settings, use the following settings; Use SSL – On, Authentication – Password, IMAP Path Prefix – Blank or “/”, Server Port – 993.

Click “Account” to head back to the “Advanced” screen.

Under the outgoing mail server, click SMTP.

Under “Primary Server”, click

Beneath outgoing mail server use the following settings. Host name – User name – Your business mail email address. Password – The password you created. Use SSL – On. Authentication – Password. Server Port – 465.

Click “Done”

Click “Account” to go back to the “Advanced” screen.

Tap “Done”

Yahoo Business Email Setup in Outlook Express

Startby selecting POP3 as the server type

Click the “Get Started” tab

Provideyour business email address, then click “Continue”

On the Yahoo sign in page, click the “Not Yahoo” link at the top right.

Click “Change Account Provider”

Clickon IMAP

Toggle the “Use Advanced Settings” switch to the right to enable Advanced Settings.

Setup in Outlook 2

Enter the following; Email address – Your business email address. Display name – The name that appears on your outgoing messages. Description – Which is the name on your account screen in Outlook.

On the IMAP Incoming and SMTP Outgoing Mail server section, key in the following; IMAP Host name – Username – Your full business email address. IMAP Password – Your app password. SMTP Hostname – SMTP Username – Your full business email address. Password – Your app password.

Click the checkmark on the top-right immediately you are done.

Start up with Yahoo Business Email Setup today and give your customers a business they can trust.


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