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Yahoo is a Search Engine – Yahoo Search | Yahoo Search Engine Comparison

by cardshure

Are you surprise knowing that Yahoo is a Search Engine? But never be because it is real. Yahoo is among the major search engines you ever have known just like Google, and many others. Hence, while spending your time on the Yahoo platform you do not need to exist the website to search on any topic elsewhere. On the Yahoo website, you can also surf the Internet and search for any topic of choice. In this article, I will be giving details information on this topic: Yahoo is a Search Engine.

Yahoo is a Search Engine

What is Yahoo?

Before I hit on the main topic of this article, let me briefly talk about Yahoo. Yahoo Is an Internet portal that integrates search engine and directory of world wide Websites that is organized in different categories of topics. It provides a directory to both new and latest information. Yahoo also links to other Web search sites to make your search experience worthwhile.

However, Yahoo started as a bookmark list of two young students’ David Filo and Jerry Yang who combined their bookmark list arranged by categories on the college site. The site received a boost and began to grow into a powerful Internet innovation serving billions to date. Now owned by Verizon Media, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California

Yahoo Is a Search Engine

Yahoo is a powerful search engine that helps you find precisely what you are looking for. You can get relevant information, videos, images, and answers across the Web. However, Yahoo Search is one of the largest search engines globally. The search engine functions just like Google. As we know Google site has numerous content same as Yahoo Search. Its content covers a wide range of information. Get to Yahoo website search on any topic you desire, go for your academic research, or any research and you will get that desire information. The site is designed to serve with different languages, it has over 200 languages for users to explore and search site with.

Features of Yahoo Search Engine

Below are some of the features of the Yahoo Search Engine.

  • You can compose an email from the Yahoo Search box.
  • Specify the order of search keywords in queries.
  • You can get lyrics of any song or your favorite artist.
  • Users can reach any Website from the yahoo site.
  • Linkdomain – An undocumented Yahoo Web Search operator.
  • Yahoo yellow pages search for search business.
  • Image search to use in finding photos and illustrations.
  • The news search feature to get any news stories, pictures audios, and videos.

The features listed above are some of the features listed above.

How to Access Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo Search can be access very easily when you get to the Yahoo website at https://search.yahoo.com or alternatively you can download and install the Yahoo Search Engine App. This brings us to the next subtopic in this article.

Yahoo Search Engine App

Yahoo Search Engine app is an application design to offer users easy access to information with ease and convenience. With the Yahoo Search Engine app, you can get information on your iPhone, and smartphone devices. The app is also compatible with your laptop and PC.

Also, you get local news, the latest updates on news, sport, politics, science, entertainment, etc. You get updates on trendy and thrilling movies. You get map services on gas stations, restaurants, banks, and others. With the app, you can see and clear off search history and activate voice search for quick answers.

How to Download Yahoo Search Engine App

You need to know how to get this Yahoo Search Engine app to enjoy the service. It’s compatible with your Android and iOS devices. Here are the steps to download and install the app.

On IPhone

  • On your iPhone and get to the App Store.
  • Get to the search bar and key in “Search engine app”
  • From the result, click on the icon and start to download. It will automatically download into your iPhone.

On Android

  • Go to Google Play store.
  • At the search bar, type the “Yahoo Search Engine app”.
  • From the apps results tap the Yahoo Search Engine app
  • Next, click on the install button.
  • Immediately the app will begin to download and install itself in your Android device.

Above is how to install the search engine on both android and iOS devices.

Yahoo Account

It is very vital to have a Yahoo account; this will enable you to have a smooth venture on the Yahoo platform. To get the Yahoo account is very easy and it’s free of charge. Follow these steps below:

  • Using any Internet-connected PC or Smartphone.
  • Choose any browser of your choice.
  • Go to the Yahoo website at www.yahoo.com.
  • Once you have entered the website, scroll to the right, and click on the “Sign In” icon.
  • Next, you scroll down and click on the “Create Account“.
  • Full in the space with your details as required on the page.
  • Immediately you fill in your detailed information required and verify your account, you will receive a congratulation box displayed. You will have to click on the “Continue” button and you will have successfully access your Yahoo new account.

When you have carefully followed the steps above, you will have successfully open a Yahoo new account. Another thing is how to sign in to the account. Let me quickly show you a few steps.

Yahoo Sign In

To Sign In follow these few steps below.

  • Go to your Yahoo Web page at www.yahoo.com.
  • Or open the Yahoo app in your device.
  • Click on the “Sign In” mail icon.
  • Enter your Email address or Phone number and password.
  • Next, click on the “Sign In” or “Login”.

The steps are so brief and simple when you want to sign in to your Yahoo account.

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