Yahoo Mail Account Recovery

Yahoo Mail Account Recovery. Oohs!! In a hurry, you deleted your Yahoo email to cut down on the number of your online accounts. Such can be so painful. Well, all hope is not lost. If you need your account back, you can recover it back.

Yahoo Mail Account Recovery

Thanks to Yahoo. All Yahoo users have a grace period up to 90 days from the time of deletion to recovery back the account. After I wish it won’t be possible to recover back the account because it will be deleted permanently from Yahoo servers.

Tips on How to Recover Yahoo Mail Account Recovery

  • Always update your security information (security questions, Alternative email address, favorite color, etc)
  • Ensure the alternative email address is active
  • Write down your email account information
  • Seek help online on how to recover your account.

Yahoo Mail Account Recovery: Confirm if Mail Account Has Been Deleted

  • Go to the Yahoo sign-in helper
  • Enter your Yahoo email address, Phone number, or backup email address.
  • If the account has been permanently deleted, you will be notified, indicating the account deactivation and that it cannot be recovered.
  • For instance, if the Email account is still active, you should be able to reset your password and gain the account back again.

Also, note that most times a deleted account may not take up to 90 days to be deleted permanently but by 30 days. So in case you delete your account by mistake rush and recover it back.

How Do I recover my Yahoo Mail Account

Here are a few steps to recover back your Yahoo Mail account.

  • Get to Yahoo mail sign-in page
  • Key in your username and password
  • Select “Sign In” button
  • Next, follow the account verification steps, with the verification key sent to your phone number or a backup email address
  • Enter the CAPTCHA verifications.
  • Click on the “Re-activate” button
  • Attempt to sign-in, key in username and password and click “Sign-in.
  • Immediately you log in to your account, you will see your old emails, contacts, and more of your details. Bear it in mind that you may be unable to retrieve information may be gone forever during the time the account was deleted. It advisable to always back up your emails, contact, or important information to a separate document or a different email account.


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