Yahoo Mail App For Android

Yahoo Mail App for Android is a communication software that users can download into their smartphone. One of the latest updates Yahoo Mail For Android is that it enables users to customize their swipes, as well as notifications. This latest update makes users enjoy using this app that can do swiping for emails and grant control over bulking inbox.

Yahoo Mail App for Android

Key Features of Yahoo Mail App

  • Yahoo mail for Android now allows users to customize their page, swipes, and notifications.
  • Dictate hour actions by customizing your swipe.
  • It has a large storage capacity. That is 1000 GB of free cloud storage.
  • It offers Messenger services
  • With Yahoo app one can make research on relevant topics.
  • Personalized inbox
  • It grants fast access to your folders, which is (drafts, sent mail, and spam).
  • Access to your address book, compose emails and allow you to attach photos or files to your messages
  • Users get instant notifications and also, check out other people’s IM status.
  • You can create rich text emails with different sorts of emotions.

Benefits of Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo mail app has a lot of benefits but I will mention a few in this article.

  • Yahoo mail app as a search engine. It stores information.
  • With yahoo mail app you enjoy world-class breaking news, finance, sports, music, movies and more.
  • Works like a Pro. Sending professional massages all Yahoo email messages are encoded.

Yahoo Mail App

It is a mobile application useable in Android phone devices. It grants users access to useful information.

The new swiping action on Yahoo Mail App for Android explains; devices default action for swiping towards the left means to delete, and right means you either read or unread. If yours is not working then you have to set it up by yourself.

Another great new features us that users can take action right from the notification bar. You can also customize your notification. The multi-select toolbar now also has a star and mark indication g spam options on the menu. To take apply action to more than one email, give it a long press on any message and the checkboxes will pop up

How do I get Yahoo Mail App on Android Step by Step

To enable you to gain easy access to your Yahoo mail app for your Android, just do the following:

  • Login to your Yahoo Mail account through a Web browser of choice.
  • Get to the Account Security Settings page.
  • Switch on the “Allow apps that use the less secure sign-in” setting button

Add Yahoo to Gmail App

  • Open a Gmail app
  • Next, click the “select menu” button
  • Add Account and select Yahoo.
  • Type in your full Yahoo email address, then tap “Next” button
  • Sign in to your Yahoo mail account.

However, It is very easy to get for Yahoo mail app for Android direct you can download it in the Google Play AppStore.


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