Yahoo Mail App

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Uniquely designed with easy-to-use interface, Yahoo Mail App is one of the best email app you can use to easily organize your Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail), AOL and Yahoo accounts. This Mail service, stands as the third best email servers in the world currently boasting of millions of users across the globe offering a reliable host of options to users all over.

Yahoo Mail Usability

Yahoo Mail is built with user-friendly easy-to-use interface. It boasts of icons such as trash, bulk email, recent messages and spam which are visibly displayed on the left-hand side of the page. The service is also free to use helping you boycott premium subscription rates. It also has a dynamic “Live Tile” icon which is placed within your start menu, which enables you access any mail at the click of a button. The Yahoo Mail App, is secure and posses a resistance to hacking.

Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo Mail App Benefits

With Yahoo Mail App you can enjoy the following benefits;

You can personalize your inbox with various themes, colors and styles.

It comes with an improved interface which is linked with higher upload rates.

Yahoo Mail is one of the most recognized email servers in the world.

Charges no fee to download and install the application.

Designed beautifully with an easy-to-use interface and lightning fast speed.

More Benefits

Offers 1000 GB of free secure cloud storage, giving you enough space in your email inbox.

Syncs with non-Yahoo email addresses, including Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail) and AOL. You do not need a Yahoo email address.

Users can easily access and send photos and documents they’ve stored in the cloud.

Easily add Photos, videos, and documents to an email all at the same time.

How to Open Yahoo Mail App

  • Click open the Yahoo Mail website
  • Tap on “Sign In”, which is at the top right corner of Yahoo’s page.
  • Key in your email address
  • Tap on “Next”
  • Type in your password
  • Tap on “Sign In”
  • Tap on “Mail”, which is at the right of the sign in button.
  • Tap an email
  • Get acquainted with the mail toolbar which is above your opened email.

View an attachment

  • Finally, tap on “inbox”, which is at the left corner of your mail page. This is all you have to do to open and review your mail.

Join the teaming millions all over the world today and engage with the unique Yahoo Mail App.


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