Yahoo Mail Create an account

To Create an account in yahoo mail and enjoy it’s mailing service and diverse benefits. Thus, to setup an account is very easy, just with few steps on yahoo mail homepage you are done. However, before going into the key focus of this article which is creating a yahoo mail account, I will like to give a brief description of what yahoo mail is all about. Yahoo mail is an simply an email service designed for both personal and business use. This service kicked off in the year 1997. Moreover it is known as the world third largest email service.

create an account
yahoo mail create an account

Benefits Of Yahoo mail account

Yahoo mail account is embedded with lots of advantage. Will be outlining few below,

  • With the messenger individuals can you can chart and move chat to the next level with emojis
  • Users can also make phone calls
  • You can customize contact list
  • Quick messaging service

Requirements To Fill in the form to create yahoo mail account

There’s nothing much in creating yahoo mail account, below are what you are expected to fill in the form to setup this account.

  • Your full name
  • User ID
  • Password
  • Mobile number
  • Your date of birth

How To Create yahoo mail account with Computer

Follow the steps below to have an account

  • Go to your laptop browser
  • Search for it takes you direct to the homepage.
  • Navigate to the right corner of the screen and tap on create account button. It will take you to the form page

Filling of form

  • Fill in the blank spaces with your, first name, last name,
  • Type in the Name you want to use for the email for instance,
  • Enter password, ensure you type in password that you can easily remember . and also ensure the password is a hard to guess one, to avoid other people from accessing your account.
  • Key in your phone number
  • Include your date of birth and then tap on continue
  • You will receive an SMS that comes with a code from yahoo
  • Verify the code, by keying in the exact code. So after verifying tap on “create account” button.

Yahoo mail new account Create with mobile

Just like the few steps given above, on your mobile device, Locate you browser and go to yahoo mail homepage, select the “create account” widget and then process to fill the form and then hit the continue tab. Follow the directives.


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