Yahoo Mail for Android

Yahoo mail for Android? Yahoo mail is one of the world most popular email service today. However people have been asking if there’s dedicated app for Android phone, the answer is yes, not only that, it also comes with lots of features and benefits which will be detailed in this article.

yahoo mail for android
yahoo mail for android

Yahoo mail for Android features

This service is embedded with multiple features like, bulk emails, trash, spam messages and recent messages. So you can find them at the screen left pane. However this email service is totally free to use, it has an outstanding security to protect individuals account from being hacked.


Users are provided with unique benefits that makes the platform enjoying, below are what users stand to gain while using this email service

  • Users can customize their inbox, using styles  colors and themes
  • Enjoys fast download of files
  • The service is free
  • Free application download

How To get yahoo mail app for Android

Yahoo mail has made provision for an app for Android device, if you are thinking on how to install this app on your mobile, do not worry because you’re at the right place, simply follow the few step below. However is good you know,there’s no charge for downloading this app.

  • Navigate to your Android device
  • Click to open play store
  • Go to the search tool, at the top of the screen and browse for “yahoo mail app for Android”
  • Shortly the app appears on the screen, then click on “install” tab next to the app.
  • You can now launch the app and make good out of it.

How To Add Your account to your Android device

When you must have finished installing this application on your mobile, the next thing is to add your account to your phone, so that you can easily access it with a tap on the app. Simply follow the directives below to add your account,

  • On your Android phone, click on the menu tab
  • Navigate to select the “settings” icon
  • Find and tap on “Add account” button. Depending on your phone model , in most Android device you don’t find the “Add account” tab on the first page, you need to swipe left to find the tab.
  • Click on “email” tab
  • On the blank spaces, Key in your yahoo email address and password
  • Hit the next button
  • When you are done with the above steps, it takes you straight to your inbox.


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