Yahoo Mail for Business

Yahoo Mail for Business is a great platform for running and managing multiple employees online. You can set up a professional email address for as low as $1.19 per month.

Yahoo Mail For Business

What is Business Mail?

Business Mail is an email specially built for businesses. A business email address, helps you align with your domain and gives your brand more credibility.

What is The Difference Between Yahoo Mail for Business and Regular Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail enables you stay on touch with your friends and family. Yahoo Mail for Business is great for running a business and managing multiple employees online. As an administrator, you are at liberty to add new mailboxes or aliases, transfer mailboxes, reset passwords etc.

Yahoo Mail for Business Benefits

Business Mail comes with so many bright sides to lighten up your business world.

Increase credibility for your business with a business email address, which gives yourbrand an edge when you are communicating with customers and partners.

Affordable service, simple setup with plans for as little as $1.19* per month. Business mail is a low-cost way to build trust online. Get analytics, 1 TB of free storage, and lots more.

The Yahoo servers are secure and trusted. Thus you can join savvy business owners and separate your professional life from your personal email.

Yahoo Mail for Business Plan

Yahoo Mail offers 4 different Mailbox prices that you can choose from. They are;

1 Mailbox (Just for you) – $3.19 per mailbox, per month, plus taxes and fees with an annual prepaid plan.

5 Mailboxes (For your team) – $1.59 per mailbox, per month, plus taxes and fees with an annual prepaid plan.

10 Mailboxes (Best for business) – $1.19? per mailbox, per month, plus taxes and fees with an annual prepaid plan.

20+ Mailboxes – Bulk discounts for larger businesses. Call (866) 781-9246 to get started.

How Much Free Space Comes With Yahoo Mail for Business?

Each email address comes with 1TB of storage for free, which is equivalent of 1000 GB. This means you may never have to delete email messages to save space. This happens to be the largest amount of free space available from any email provider.

Does Yahoo Mail for Business Include Aliases?

Yes. Aliases are additional email addresses you can give to your existing email users. Aliases can be used to categorize incoming messages, reassign responsibilities within your organization, protect your personal email address from spam etc.

Can My Personal Email be Forwarded to My Business Email, or Vice Versa?

Yes. You can easily create a forward.

Can I Use Yahoo Mail for Business on my Phone?

Yes you can. Business mail is perfect for people on the go. The Yahoo Mail app has a 4.5 star rating in the app store and is very easy to use. Join the team today and see why customers trust businesses with professional email.


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