Yahoo Mail how To Change password

Change password for your yahoo mail account? It’s necessary most especially when issues like , someone else having access to your account,the password is difficult to remember or the security is not guaranteed. However not minding the reason behind changing your password, in this write up you will get to learn how to change your yahoo mail password on computer and mobile device.

change password
change yahoo mail password

Change yahoo mail password Via Computer

  • Go to yahoo mail homepage and tap on “difficulty signing in” widget.
  • if you are signed in already, go to the top of the page and click your name, select account info and finally click “account Security” button. if the security page opens without asking you to enter password, you will have to continue with the step below.
  • Type in your email address or phone number. Note, the number you use to create the account.
  • click“continue” tab below the box you entered your email or phone number
  • It takes you to a page that shows “Do you have access to this phone” Navigate and tap on “Yes, text me an account Key” tab and then wait for the code. If you entered your recovery email address Select “Yes, send me account Key” you will receive the reset code on your email.

Retrieve account code

  • for phone number recovery method, Proceed to your message tab copy out the code. For email, open your inbox and to get the code.
  • Key in the account Key or code on the empty box
  • Tap on verify
  • To verify, Press “verify” button. If you entered the correct code, it automatically takes you to the step.
  • Click on the account you wishes to change the password
  • Select “create a new password” button.
  • Enter the password you want to use and confirm it as well, then tap continue
  • If prompted, Press on “looks good” widget

Change Yahoo mail password on mobile Device

  • On your smartphone, launch yahoo mail app. If you’re not logged in, click “have a yahoo account? Sign in” beneath the page, for Android device, hit “Yahoo mail” button,then enter email address, click next, type in your password, finally sign in. In case you forgot your password, you don’t need the method above.
  • Tap on the menu represented with three horizontal lines or search bar depending on your device
  • Click on “manage accounts”

Locate the account

  • When you find the account you want to change its password, select it.
  • Click account info
  • Select Security settings
  • Depending on your type of phone, they might be need to enter your phone pass-code or touch ID
  • Press change password.  If your account Key is turned on, tap on “manage”, select disable account Key, confirm it and click got it, then alter password.
  • Tap on “I would rather change my password” button
  • Form your be password, confirm and then hit the continue tab


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