Yahoo Mail Mobile Login

Yahoo mail Mobile Login enables individuals gain complete access to their yahoo email account on phone. When you login to your account you get to enjoy the outstanding features and benefits the service comes with. Thus such benefits are as follows, Quick access to folders, 1000 GB storage space for your files, documents, messages etc. Ability to customize their inbox, using styles  colors and themes, Share photos and animated GIFs with ease, free email service and more. Follow instructions in this write up to install the app and login to your account.

yahoo mail mobile login

How To Install yahoo mail mobile app

Yahoo mail Mobile Login is available for mobile phones, be it an iPhone or Android device. Thus for you to login using your mobile device, you need to install the app on your phone.You can achieve this by accessing the play store  for Android users and Apps store for iOS Users.

Install app on Android/iPhone devices

  • Go to your mobile device
  • Launch the play store or App Store
  • Navigate to the search tool, at the top of the screen and browse for “yahoo mail app for Android”
  • The app will show on the screen, then press on “install” button next to the app.
  • You  launch the app

Yahoo mail Mobile Login for Android

  • Click on your phone menu to access yahoo mail icon
  • Tap on the app to open it
  • Key in your email address and password
  • Pres on “sign in” tab

Login with an iPhone

  • On your iPhone, select the “yahoo mail app” the icon is purple in color with a white envelope
  • Enter your yahoo email address, then fill in your password and Sign in

How To Recover Forgotten Yahoo Mail Mobile Login Password

To regain your password, follow the steps below,

  • Progress to sign-in Helper page,
  • Key in your phone number or email address
  • Click on the “continue” tab
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Answer the question “ can you receive to the number listed” with the “yes or no” option
  • You will receive account Key in your phone or email depending on the option you chose earlier.
  • Fill in the account Key sent to you
  • Press the “verify” button
  • Select the account you want to reset that is linked to your phone number or email address
  • Tap the “continue” link to reset your password


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