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How to Setup a Yahoo Mail New Account

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Ready to join other teaming millions who are already using Yahoo mail?, then you should sign up for a Yahoo Mail new account. When you create a new Yahoo mail account, you are just steps away from using the Yahoo Mail., Yahoo Finance and more all from one spot. Creating a new yahoo mail account is quite easy. You can easily create an account or use an existing email address from any email provider and you’ll just be required to provide a password, date of birth, as well as a mobile number to sign up.

How to Setup a Yahoo Mail New Account

Yahoo is one of the most popular email services out there. It allows you to create a free, new email account that also works for other services. Its set up is so simple such that once you are setting up an account, you can go over to mail.yahoo.com and start sending and receiving emails. Amongst it’s features, you’ll find a settings button, with which you can change your password. Set automatic answers as well as signature for your emails and send your whole inbox to a new account.

After creating a new yahoo account, you can log into all services that yahoo offers – Flickr, tumblr etc. You will also get access to a page called “My Yahoo” which operates more like a social media which enables you see what’s happening with your contact. Yahoo also gives you financial information, weather information as well as general news information on your new account.

On the business side, you can use your new yahoo account for your office use. You can also use Yahoo’s folders and visual organization which are well organized and efficient and well suited for office use.

What Information Do You Need to Create a Yahoo Account?

Before you can successfully created a new yahoo mail account. You’ll be required to provide some information which will help Yahoo keep your account secure and safe. So, you’ll need to have the following information handy when creating a new yahoo mail account:

Name – When you share content with others, your name appears with it.

Email address – You can create a Yahoo address or use an email from any other provider.

Password – To protect your account, you have to create a strong, unique password.

Mobile phone – You’ll need to provide a valid mobile number for the verification and account recovery process.

Date of birth – You’ll have to provide your date of birth, which will be used as an indicator for the age requirement to create a Yahoo account.

Yahoo Mail How to Create New Account

Creating a new yahoo mail account will only take you few steps and some minutes and you’d see below once you have the accurate information. The amazing part of this process, is that you can open a Yahoo mail account for free and you’ll have no reason to regret after signing up. This is because the advantages of opening a new yahoo mail account far outweighs the disadvantages.

Now we are ready to begin the yahoo mail new account creation:

  • Visit https://login.yahoo.com/account/create?.lang=enUS&.intl=us&.src=yhelp secure website.
  • As the webpage opens, scroll down to the spaces where you have to fill out the needed details.
  • Start by entering your first name, last name email address either (@yahoo.com) or use your current email address.
  • Create and enter a strong password.
  • Enter also your mobile phone number.
  • Key in your date of birth (Month /Day/Year).
  • You can also indicate your Gender. But this step is optional.
  • To complete the first phase of the sign up process, review and agree to the Privacy Policy and click on the “Continue” button.

On the next page you get redirected to, you can simply follow the on-screen prompts to complete the creation of your new yahoo account.

After you have successfully created your Yahoo mail account, you’ll have a BIG space for saving files. 1 Tetrabyte, over 200 filters to avoid spam in your inbox as well as a detachable email address all for free!!!

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