Yahoo mail Password Reset

Password Reset occurs mostly when individuals finds it difficult to login to their yahoo account due to a Forgotten password. If this is the case, you have to setup your password again so that you will be able to access your mail account. Moreover, this can be done in few minutes, simply follow the steps I will be displaying in this article.

password reset

Why Reset Password?

There are diverse reason you can think of resetting your yahoo mail password

  • To ensure you are the only one with that particular password
  • when you can’t remember your password
  • To prevent other people from accessing your account.

Yahoo mail password Reset in few steps

This step is specifically for mobile device

  • Locate your yahoo mail app
  • Choose a recovery method
  • Retrieve account Key

Step 1: Locate yahoo mail app

  • On your mobile device, tap to open yahoo app. The app is colored with purple With an envelope
  • It takes you to the login page but if it takes you straight to your inbox, that means you are signed in already and you can change your password entirely without the need of resetting it.
  • Click on yahoo mail icon if you’re an android user, for iPhone, tap “have a yahoo account? Sign in” button
  • It leads you to the sign-in page, scroll down and select trouble signing in? Widget

Step 2: choose a Recovery method

  • On the new page your are to enter one of the following, email address or mobile number, recovery mobile number or recovery email address.
  • When you have entered one of the above recovery requirement above, click on “continue” tab
  • Incase you are recovering password Via email address tap on “Yes, send me an account Key” button. If you’re using phone number, Press the “Yes, text me an account Key” widget. For yahoo email address, complete the numbers provided

Step 3 Retrieve account Key to reset yahoo password

  • It depends on the recovery method you used above, so, if you are using phone number you will receive a text, simply go to your message box to view the code. For email, go to the recovery email inbox, you will see a mail from yahoo, open it and then access the code.
  • Click the text box and type in the account code
  • Scroll down and tap on “verify” box, in the code or Key or code tarries with the one sent or texted to you, then your inbox page will open.
  • Still on the mail inbox screen, scroll down and select change password tab. Follow the onscreen instruction to create a new one and then forget the previous password


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