Yahoo Mail Settings

Yahoo mail settings can be used when individual have no idea on creating email on their mobile devices, computer and tablet. However yahoo mail users can make use of service online portal to send, receive and manage their email.

yahoo mail settings
yahoo mail settings

Moreover, on this platform, users can use Outlook to send email using yahoo’s servers. That is to say, if you have multiple email accounts, you can manage them using one application. So you will need the SMTP settings for you to achieve this.

What is SMTP yahoo mail Settings all About

Before going into details concerning the SMTP settings, you have to know that the full meaning of SMTP is Simple Mail Transfer protocol. The SMTP settings are individual outgoing mail server setting, which is also the communication directives that enables software over send email via the Internet.

Moreover, Simple Mail Transfer protocol (SMTP) apply to outgoing mail not minding if POP or IMAP is used for receiving email. The SMTP settings are keyed in the client settings section mostly when individual includes the yahoo account to it.

Other Protocol in yahoo mail Settings

There are other protocol like, the POP3 and the IMAP. This settings are the standard for receiving and storing email. The “POP3” stands for post office protocol, version 3  while “IMAP” means Internet Message Access.

IMAP Server settings

Below are what you are require to fill in the email program to send yahoo mail,

IMAP incoming mail–(server), (port) 993, (requires SSL) yes

Sending mail server For SMTP – (port) 465 or 587,(requires SSL -yes, requires authentication- yes

Login detail– email address, password. Requires authentication –yes

Yahoo mail POP settings

POP incoming mail server: (server) , Port – 995, requires SSL-yes

Outgoing mail SMTP server

Server-, the port – 465/587, requires SSL-yes, requires authentication – yes.

Login information : your full email address and password and then (yes) requires authentication.

Note, these settings runs with most mobile, desktop and Web email services and programs. So when you finish with the yahoo mail set up in the email client you want, your mail and yahoo folders automatically shows in the two email locations without delay.


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