Zomato Online Restaurant finder | How to Order for food on Zomato

Zomato Online Restaurant finder lets you discover across a million restaurants across countries like Turkey, the UK, India, United States, New Zealand and many more. Zomato is a  restaurant aggregator and food delivery startup based in India.  It was established in the year 2008 by DeepinderGoyal.

Zomato online restaurant finder

Zomato– online restaurants finder

The platform gives you the information, menus, and reviews of restaurants. It also provides food delivery options from restaurants they are partnering with. This is the best platform to browse and discovers great places to eat a very quality meal. Users can search through restaurants menus, photos, user reviews and dating to decide where to go and eat.

Let’s look at it this way, food is one commodity that people can’t do without. Whether you are tired or not, you will still find a way to get something to eat. But if you’re tired to cool or you are too busy to make a meal,  I believe you won’t want to go stand in a long queue just to get served. This is where Zomato website comes in . with this website you will be able to find thousands of restaurants out there with quality meal and delivery services. All you need is to make an order and the food will be delivered on your doorstep.

Download latest Zomato app to make your Orders

It is necessary to get the app installed on your mobile device for easy and quick access to the platform. So to get this application, navigate to the play store and Apple App Store search, download and install the app on your smartphone. Then you are set to start making your orders.

How to order at Zomato Online restaurant finder

When you follow these steps correctly, you will successfully order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurants as we.

  • Navigate to the app, by tapping on it
  • On the homepage of Zomato, go to the search box and browse for the restaurant you want to buy food from, by entering the name of the restaurant. It will lead you to the restaurant page.
  • Right on the restaurant screen, move to the right and tap on the “order deliver link.
  • You will see the restaurant menu and its prices on the screen
  • Select and add the dish you want to your cart.
  • Click on view cart to see the total of your purchase.
  • Choose your address  that is, where you want the food to be delivered to
  • Select your payment method. You can pay on delivery, make an online payment.
  • Go ahead and make your payment.


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