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Zonkewap – Download Games | Videos | Themes | Photo Galleries | Wallpapers | Mp3 Download Music

Zonkewap is an exciting and interesting online site that you can download your music, videos, games, and others. I believe you have heard of this exclusive site where you can download all the stuff mentioned above and others. It will interest you to know that you can also download themes, applications, song lyrics, photos, Sound Effects, TV series, Horoscope, animations, Dropant online games and Live Wallpapers on Zonkewap site. All these things that you can download on the Zonkewap platform.



Zonkewap is an online mobile app that is designed by Waptrick. It is a site that you can download all your music mp8, mp4 files, videos, games, apps, themes, and others. You can download all that you desire on the platform free of charge. The site is well protected, safe and virus free. On Zonkewap you can download media files including mp3 music, 3gp Videos, and Games.

Also, Zonkewap is a southern Africa website, design by as mentioned before. Moreover, Zonkewap is birth by Each time you enter to open you get You need not worry you will still have the same services, get your music, games, themes, applications free of charge.

Another great feature of the Zonkewap platform is that you are not only restricted to PC or computers only. With your Android device and iPhone, you can connect to this platform and still enjoy these great benefits and offers.

However, you can decide to watch videos online, play games online if you don’t want to download them to your device. But if reverse you can get them downloaded to your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Zonkewap Website Categories

Zonkewap has exciting categories that will enhance your experience on its platform. This interesting category ranges from Games, Videos, Themes, photos, wallpapers.


In this category, you will find games that are compatible with Android, iOS and Java games. You will get top most downloaded games Arcade Games (classic games, Retro and platform games), Kid games (educational games, fun games for kids), Action games (shooting, FPS, Arcade and Battle games), Racing games (Drive your car or truck, race with opponents), Movie Games (Hollywood games, cartoon games), Classic games (DOS games, Atari games, Retro games), Casino games (slot games, card, and poker games), platform games,(Jumping and obstacles collecting games), Christmas game (free Santa games, Snow games), Sports games (Soccer, Basketball, Olympic games), Strategy games (RPG, Tower Defense, Tum-Based games), Mind Games (IQ, Brain, Trivia and Quiz games), Puzzle games ( Hidden object games, Jigsaw puzzles), Misc games, (Big collection of various games).


this section shows you various Waptrick videos and free 3gp,mp4 videos that you can download. The videos ranges in TV series, waptrick videos (most viewed YouTube videos and Clips). You can watch the TV series online free.


In this category, you get themes in different varieties that you can download to your Android phone. You will find the top most downloaded themes from others. These themes come in different varieties such as Animals, celebrities, landscapes, social funny, Love, Money, outer space, sport, symbols, zodiac signs, and others.

Photo Galleries

this category display photos from different ranges of entertainment, sports, world, life, nature, technology, culture and any newest happenings around the globe. Here can also choose to change the category you want to get pictures from amongst the ones on the platform.


You can get amazing and beautiful wallpaper on this platform. There are different types of wallpaper available on these categories including, Religion, celebrities, vehicles, sport, Romantic, nature, Animals, film, Cute, celebration, Artistic, 3D, City National flags, Logos, Facebook, Beauties of Instagram, Fantasy, Horoscope, and Misc.

Change Language

On the Zonkewap platform, you can choose to change the language settings to any language that is convenient for you while on the platform. Some of the languages are Spanish, Swahili, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, French, Africans, and English.

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How to Download Zonkewap Mobile App

Follow the steps below to download the platform mobile app.

  • On your phone launch on to play store.
  • On the search bar type in “Zonkewap App”.
  • From the results displayed, click on the “Zonkewap App”.
  • Next, tap to download and install the Zonkewap App into your device.

Above is all the steps you need to follow to download the platform mobile app.

How to Download Videos on Zonkewap

To download videos on the platform, follow the steps below.

  • Get to the official site with your browser.
  • On the Web page click on videos.
  • Navigate to the top type and find the video you want.
  • Next, click on the “download” button.

After clicking on the download button, follow the onscreen instructions given to you afterward.

How to Download Music on Zonkewap

To download Music on Zonkewap, follow the steps below.

  • On the main website of Zonkewap, you will be redirected to
  • Search from the categories, then click on the Music section.
  • Search and choose the kind of music from the genre.
  • Choose the quality you want to download from ranging from mp3, best quality, standard quality, and low quality.
  • Next, click on the ‘Proceed ‘ to download button for the music to start downloading itself into your device.

Above is the steps you need to follow to download music from the platform.

How to Download Games on Zonkewap

To download games from this site, follow the steps below.

  • Get to
  • From the list of categories, click on “Games”.
  • Select the kind of games you desire to download (dropant, online games, kid games, classic games, casino games, sports games, puzzle games, mind games, arcade games, action games, racing games, movie games, and others).
  • Reach out and click on any one of your choices to download into your device.

In conclusion, the Zonkewap site is all that you need and can get exciting things mentioned above to make you enjoy life.

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