5 Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Important For Your Business

Can you establish a business without reviews or feedback? Obviously, NO! In this digital era, it is important to display social proof online. Nearly 80% of Internet users look for online feedback and reviews when making a purchase. Google being the top search engine, becomes the most reliable place to know about the product and services.

Reasons Why Google Reviews Are Important For Your Business

This indicates that Google reviews are an essential part of all kinds of businesses, be it B2C or B2B. There are higher chances that your potential customers will look for your business online and how people talk about it. In the past few years, Google reviews have become the main influencer. In the last few years, Google Reviews has become so popular that businesses are now embedding Google Reviews on websites.

Therefore in this blog,  we are going to discuss the importance of Google reviews for your business.

Why Google Reviews Are Important For Your Business

You may have heard businesses asking for reviews or feedback on their product or services from time to time. Here are some of the reasons why businesses keep asking for Google reviews.

Increases The Brand Trust

Transparency is the first step toward brand trust. Transparency offers relatability and connection to the online community. In this digital era, it is common for every consumer to check out any brand on the internet before making any purchase. This gives you very little amount of time to prove your business’ worth and credibility.

Google Reviews being the most reliable platform for reviews, helps you out in such situations. When you have Google Reviews on your website, it helps your business to acquire brand trust at first glance.

This is because reviews and feedback work as social proof. People love to know about the opinions of the real users of the product or the services.

Increases Online Exposure And Local SEO

Google loves it when you use its product. We all know that Google’s algorithm is a hard nut to crack. According to Moz, nearly 9% of Google search is driven by local factors such as Google reviews. However, this review signal also depends on the review quantity, velocity, and diversity.

A reasonable balance of these three signals can boost your business to a greater level. Apart from that Google Reviews by your users also contain the relevant keywords related to your products or services. This helps Google to understand your business better. Thus ranking your business better on the Search Engine Result Pages.

Creates A Feedback Loop

The feedback loop and customer knowledge you can get from Google Reviews is one of their most advantageous features. In case you are not aware, Customer Knowledge is defined as a brand’s investigation into the characteristics, preferences, and requirements of its target market.

You should use every Google review of your business as a customer survey question. Each Google Review can reveal a lot about your business, such as whether your business has delivered a positive service or product or not.  You can also use the negative reviews to amend the mistakes in your business.

Increases Click Through Rate

For any business, it is important to get enough click-through rates. If you are spending thousands of dollars on ads and not getting enough clicks, sorry to say but you are wasting your time and money.

Google Reviews is an efficient way to get click-through rates. When your website visitors see positive reviews next to your business name, they click on your website instantly. This is because they understand your business to be credible and trustworthy.

Get More Conversion Rate

Once visitors click through to your page, you know you have done your job correctly. There are higher chances that they will make a purchase from your website. While having a user-friendly website and cleverly designed website is very significant, Google reviews have the potential to convert customers on their own.

Therefore, any business should promote its positive rating all over its business website. Even if potential customers have never read your internet ratings, this rating will boost their trust in you.

Wrapping Up

Brand trust, local SEO, and customer feedback are the three main areas that Google business reviews can influence. If you aren’t already using Google reviews, you could be losing out on benefits that your rivals may be taking advantage of.

The best part is that Google reviews are free! This marketing channel has an amazing return on investment for any niche. You can achieve amazing results for Google business reviews in a short period of time with little effort and resources.

To showcase the Google Reviews on the website, you can use any social media aggregator tool. These tools are simple and easy to manage; hence taking a lot off your plate. You can also customize the review widget and make your website even more visually engaging.

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