Best Buy Credit Card Lost – Lost Card Recovery Steps

If your Best Buy Credit Card is Lost, you don’t need to worry, as we bring you tips, on how to recover your lost Best Buy Credit Card. We will also be dishing out tips and some recovery steps, that will help you recover your lost or stolen card, and how to reach out to the customer care team to make your complaints.

Best Buy Credit Card Lost

Best Buy Credit Card Lost

Best Buy Credit Card, is a great card that gives you financing options and rewards on the products you love. The card offers 2.5 points per $1 spent (5%back in rewards) on qualifying Best Buy® purchases when you choose standard credit with your Best Buy Credit Card.

Best Buy Credit Card Lost Tips

 The following, are the tips that can guide you in the event that you lose your card:

  • If any of the funds, on your lost Best Buy Credit Card were used on it, they will only be replaced with what is currently on the card, not what was potentially lost if someone picked up your wallet and used the card
  • Once an order replacement is made, the original store credit card may be closed out.
  • Report your lost card, as soon as possible.
  • Store credit cards, are generally treated the same as Gift Cards and can be replaceable up to the balance that was last found on the card at the time of reporting the card lost.

Lost Card Recovery Steps

 Citibank stands as the issuer of the card and thus offers the following mediums which you can use to recover your lost card.

  • You can start by giving Citi Bank N.A. a call, using the customer service number listed on the card’s secure website to have the card canceled or closed. With this, you can prevent any attempts to use the card fraudulently.
  • Next, inquire with them, about any charges that may have been attempted or posted after you lost your card
  • Citi Bank will then be able to send you a new replacement card and investigate any fraudulent charges on the account.

Best Buy Customer Service Number

 For inquiries on the card, call the customer care unit. Best Buy has provided a customer service number, which you can use to get access to adequately trained customer service personnel, who are ready to offer you the solutions you seek for your card account. So if your card is lost, relax, via this medium, you can get prompt attention to solve any Best Buy credit card issues you may be facing.

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