Facebook Dating Profile – How Does Facebook Dating Work?

If you are interested in online dating, and you are a Facebook account owner, then you most definitely would want to have a Facebook dating profile. You might ask, what is Facebook Dating, and how does it work, well this article has all that covered for you.

Facebook Dating Profile

Currently, there are tons of dating apps available out there if you are interested in trying out dating online. You can check out apps like tinder, bumble, and likes if you do not want to, but what makes Facebook dating special is its features and the concept behind the way it functions.

The first step toward having a Facebook dating profile is first having a Facebook Account. Once you have the account, the rest is just a simple process that you would just follow easily to get the profile set up properly.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Although the app is a dating app on Facebook, it still functions similarly to another dating app, except this one is directly inside the Facebook app. Seeing as the app is inside another social media platform, it gives it the edge to offer more, and that is what makes the platform a bit more special.

Even though the dating app is directly inside Facebook, the activities on the app is entirely separate from your main Facebook account. With this, you do not have to worry about your friends finding out that you are on a dating app.

The app still finds matches for you based on your preference, and the details you provide for it to make use of. The app is in some way similar to Tinder but has some extras and is quite Unique. It also carries a feature called the secret crush feature that allows users to match with people on the main Facebook account. And recently, it seems Facebook wants to extend the secret crush feature to Instagram also.

How to Create a Facebook Dating Profile

Creating a dating profile is very easy. But before you can commence the process, you would first be required to have created a Facebook Account. Once you have the Account, follow the steps stated below.

  • Launch the Facebook App, then head to the menu
  • In the menu, you would find the dating app icon there alongside the avatar app and other features. Tap on the “Dating App”
  • Tap on “Get Started”, and continue through the questions and on-screen directions.
  • Make your selections and tap next pr you can tap skip to head to the next question
  • Review your profile details and then tap “Confirm”

With this, your account should be created in no time. The process is not that complicated, and trust me, you should be able to handle it without much stress.

How to Edit Your Facebook Dating Profile

Editing your Facebook Dating profile Should not be an issue for you. the process is quite easy seeing as the makers of the dating app wanted to make something easy and better for users. Follow the steps below to edit your dating profile:

  • Head to the dating app on your Facebook app
  • Then tap “profile”
  • Scroll down and tap on the category that you would like to update
  • Tap on any item to add or change the information.

And that is it. There isn’t much process to edit your dating profile.

How to Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile

Deleting the Facebook Dating Profile is not that complicated, if you want to delete it follow the process stated below:

  • Head to your Facebook App and tap. The dating
  • Tap in the top right
  • Tap on “general”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Delete Profile”
  • Tap “Delete”.

And that is it for how to delete a Dating profile on Facebook.

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