Microsoft Devalued Xbox Game Pass Conversions Quietly

As of June, Microsoft announced that the price of the Xbox Game pass Subscription service would increase by 2$ per month. And the price hike took effect on the 6th of July.

Microsoft Devalued Xbox Game Pass Conversions Quietly

Microsoft Devalued Xbox Game Pass Conversions

For a lot of users, this is not a big deal, as it’s been something an open secret for several years now that you are able to purchase Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and convert them to Game passes for a discounted rate. Well, it looks like Microsoft has decided to exert greater control over this exploit, allowing it to remain while it devalues.

As of Last Friday, just a day after the Game Pass price hikes took effect, users on Reddit started posting to the Xbox subreddit that their attempts to convert Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass were producing diminished returns.

As it seems, along with the hikes, Microsoft has devalued the Gold to game pass conversation rate quietly, downgrading it from 1:1 to 3:2. While the conversion trick remains possible, it would no longer yield as many months of Xbox Game Pass service, which might actually prove disincentivizing for some of the users.

Microsoft New Conversion Rates

Previously, All Xbox users actually could purchase up to around 36 months of Xbox Live Gold service, then one month of Game Pass Ultimate to automatically convert all of their accumulated months to Game pass ultimate. As stated by the recently update Support page, this is no longer possible.

With the new set of rules, Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions would now convert to Game Pass at a 3:2 ratio. This basically means, let’s say you were to convert three full years of Xbox Live Gold or 1095 days, you would get two years of Game Pass, or 730 days.

Both the upgrade from regular Game Pass to Game Pass Ultimate and the upgrade from EA Play to Game Pass Ultimate have been subjected to ratio adjustments. Service converts at a 4:1 ratio (90 days to 68 days) in the first scenario, while it converts at a 3:1 ratio (90 days to 30 days) in the second scenario.


If we would be going by the latest rules, you would be getting around two years of Game Pass Ultimate service by purchasing around three years of Xbox Live Gold for around $180, along with about one Month of Game Pass Ultimate for around $16.99.

This price still remains cheaper compared to the $408 that it would cost to purchase two years of Game pass ultimate outright, but it is definitely not as attractive as the old conversion rates.

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