Facebook Dating App Download for Free

Facebook Dating App Download for Free. Over the past few years, Facebook dating has been quite rampant ok Facebook and has pulled the attention of a lot of people. Facebook didn’t just achieve that feat because of its name, but it did that because of how amazing it made the dating platform.

Facebook Dating App Download for Free

There are tons of amazing dating platforms available today, but Facebook dating brought something different to the table. First of all, the dating app was built right into Facebook so there is no need to create an account when you already have a Facebook account.

Facebook Dating

I believe I have explained enough about the dating platform in the first paragraph of this article. But here I would give you a little breakdown of what it is and how it works.

Facebook dating is an online dating platform inside Facebook that matches people together based on similar feats they both possess. You can also call it an online matchmaker if you like, it does match people together.

Since there are tons of dating platforms available already, Facebook decides to make them more like ab upgrade by adding a lot of amazing features to the platform.

Facebook Dating Features

This dating platform has been stocked with features that would wow you, and Facebook still keeps the features coming in. Below I would be stating some of the best available features of Facebook dating.

  • First off, as long as you already have a Facebook account, you can create an account.
  • The dating app matches people based on details you share, details as height, religion, gender, location if you have kids, favorite hobbies, and more.
  • The platform does not allow you to match with any of your Facebook friends, and they cannot know if you are on the platform or not
  • There is a secret crush feature that makes matching with your friends possible, but you can only be matched if you both have each on the secret crush list.
  • You are able to send likes and messages to people you like, and once they like you back, you both can start chatting.
  • It has audio dating features. When you match with someone, and you like them, you would be able to send an invitation for a voice call. And if they accept the invitation your call would go through.
  • The platform has a “matchanywhere” feature. With this feature, you can add two additional locations in case you are the type that moves around a lot.

How to start swiping on Facebook Dating

When you come across someone’s profile on Facebook dating for the first time, you would see, a photo, name, location, age, and heart.

You can scroll down and check things you both have in common, things like events you have both been in, groups you both are in, or if the person has a secret crush on you.

Creating a Facebook Dating Profile

This process is very easy and should not take you through any hassle. In other to create a dating profile, you would be required to first locate the dating app. The app is on the Facebook app’s menu so it should not be complicated for you to find.

Once you have located the app, follow the onscreen directions to complete the profile creation process and that is it.

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