Hidden Features on Apple Music

At the moment, Apple Music happens to be one of the best Music streaming platforms available right now. While Spotify happens to take the lead when it comes to deals and subscribers, Apple’s version of music streaming still boasts some great features that you would enjoy.

Hidden Features on Apple Music

A lot of these happen to have been advertised very loud and clear, from its exclusive usage of Dolby Atmos spatial audio to radio stations that are hosted by some big names like Nicki Minaj. Even though it can be accessed right through the default Music app on a lot of Apple products, it also has been praised for its accessibility and just how easy it is to set up.

Hidden Features on Apple Music

There are tons of features that Apple does not boast about as much as these. They are features that only power users, or frequent users of the program, happen to have figured out. Just as someone who has subscribed to Apple Music ever since it launched, I have figured out some great handy tricks to make the listening experience a lot better. Whether you have listened to Apple Music for years or you are just starting out, give these tips a try and just see how much your user experience would develop.

Keeping a Private Profile

It’s possible that many people are unaware that Apple Music also functions somewhat as a social network. Although this approach is less open than Spotify’s, others may be able to view your profile. This implies that someone can view everything you listen to online, which may be a significant invasion of privacy for some people.

The good news is that you can easily put these worries to rest. The icon for your profile can be found in the upper right corner of your screen when you open the Music app. Tap on the symbol and your Record will spring up. To access your official Apple Music profile, which will include an Edit button, tap the View Profile button.

Tap on the button, and you would find the option for you to edit your username and who you would want to follow on your account activity. By default, this is set to everyone, so just change it to people approved by you.

Looking up a Song Based on Lyrics

If you probably heard a song, and it caught your attention but you couldn’t get the name, then Apple Music has something for you. Instead of using Shazam, the search bar on Apple Music is here to help. Just type the lyrics you remember and the search bar, and Apple Music would bring up the song for you.

Turning off Shuffle Mode

The shuffling feature sometimes is great if you are listening to a particular playlist. However, if you are playing albums like that it can become more like a hassle, especially if you like listening to albums in order. The issue here is that shuffling is the default setting for playing albums, and there is no obvious reversal to this problem.

The good news is that deactivating this feature is actually a simple process. Go to your desired Album and tap the pop-up at the lower part of your screen. Tap the list icon in the bottom right corner when the pop-up appears to view a shuffled list of songs that Apple Music is preparing to play. Close to the Playing Next segment, three symbols are shown: shuffle, repeat, and infinite. Switching off the shuffle button will re-establish the first request for the album songs.

Watching Interviews with Your Favorite Artists

One major unique feature of Apple Music is that it has everything you want when it comes to music. Although Spotify seems to be expanding to Podcasts and Audiobooks, it is really great to have a totally music-centric streaming app. Apple has a separate app for audiobooks and podcasts, and that is why they do not carry podcasts or audiobooks. Perhaps one of the biggest case to this point is the large array of video extras and interviews that is available on the app.

You get to access these interviews in a lot of ways. Perhaps the easiest is for you to tap the Browser section located at the bottom of the screen. Swipe up a bit on this page till you see a tab called artist interviews. At this point, you would see different artists, from Bad Bunny to Olivia Rodrigo talking about their latest songs with Apple Music Hosts like Zane Lowe.

Equalizer Adjustment

This feature cannot be accessed via Apple Music itself but through the settings Application of your Apple device. When you head to settings, you would find and tap on the Music button. Under the audio section, there is a drop-down menu titled EQ, short for equalizer. This tool is for adjusting the individual frequencies of the various components that make a song.

With this EQ feature on Apple Music, users get to choose from 23 settings to optimize their music listening experience. Perhaps the most intriguing option is the increased Bass settings, which makes the lower-frequency beats in songs more prominent. Also, there are numerous genre-specific settings also, which include classical and Rock.

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