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The GameStop Credit Card otherwise known as the GameStop PowerUp Rewards card is one that features a signup bonus of 15,000 points for Power Up Rewards Pro or Elite Members and 5,000 points for Basic Members. This equals $15 and $5 in rewards, respectively, even though it does not cover the annual Pro fee. The GME card was actually the first retailer in the gaming-only niche to offer perk-filled credit cards.

GameStop Credit Card

The GameStop credit card is an extension of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program, to which only members of the program may apply. The card can only be used at physical GameStop stores or the GameStop website. This card is issued by a Community bank.

GameStop Credit Card

The card’s credit line extension is based on each applicant’s credit history and typically ranges from $250 – & 3,000. Note, however, that with this card, you can request a higher limit by calling a customer service agent and speaking to a supervisor for manual approval. As a customer, you may pay off the balance in full each month or make smaller payments over time, which will result in interest charges to the balance.

Who Benefits from GameStop Credit Card

The GameStop credit card is most beneficial to the retailer’s customers since they can accumulate points with the card much more rapidly.

GameStop Credit Card Benefits

Here are the GameStop cardmember benefits:

  • With your card shop in-store or online.
  • If you get your card today, you can pay over time.
  • There are exclusive offers.
  • No annual fee charges.
  • You can maximize benefits by signing up for Power-Up Rewards.

You don’t have to look for the benefit of this credit card because the benefits are already listed.

GameStop Credit Card Application

Here are the steps you need to take to apply for the GameStop credit card:

  • Go to
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ link.
  • Scroll to the personal information section and enter your: First name, middle initial, last name, suffix, social security number, date of birth, and annual income.
  • For the second phase, which is the contact information section, enter your zip code, street address, suite or apartment (optional), city, state, and email address, and confirm the email address, mobile phone, and alternate phone.
  • Then add an authorized buyer to your account.
  • Enter a referral code (optional).
  • Tap on the ‘Continue’ link to proceed further with your application.

As you can see, you are seeing all the steps that you need to apply for this credit card.

GameStop Credit Card Login

To log into your credit card account:

  • Visit link.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • If you want to stay signed in, click on the ‘Remember Me’ box.
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ link to access your account.

About logging in your account, here are the steps to follow.

Username or Password Recovery

To recover your username or password:

  • Visit link.
  • Scroll to the fields provided, and enter your:
  • Account Number or Username.
  • Zip Code / Postal Code.
  • Identification Type.
  • Last 4 Numbers of Social Security number.
  • Click on “Find My Account”.

It is very necessary to reset or recover your account whenever you forget it. You can do that using the steps above.

GameStop Credit Card Payment

You have four options to choose from in making your card payment. To make a payment use the following mediums:

  • You can pay online via the card’s secure card website.
  • Pay your credit card through your bank.
  • You can also pay to send mail through the mail address of the credit card.
  • Pay by calling the card phone number, and providing the agent with your checking and routing number.

The list you see here is the list to make payments with a GameStop card.

GameStop Customer Service

Even though Community Bank does not offer an app, customers can manage their accounts at any time of the day through their online accounts. Customers get support which is available from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Eastern Time, and by email.

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