Google Search Adds Notes Tab – A Small Step toward Social Search

Google is updating its search engine with new tools to aid you in personalizing the experience by making it tailored just for you.

Google Search Adds Notes Tab

Among the three reveals, one of the most impressive in our opinion has to be the upcoming Notes feature. This tool would place together different “tips and advice” on a topic from across the internet if a search result is not particularly helpful.

In a demonstration shown, a Google rep played the major role of someone checking for instructions on how to make frosting for a birthday cake. Let’s say the first search result wasn’t what you are searching for.

Google Search Adds Notes tab

Selecting the Notes button below that result connects you to content uploaded by other people offering unique insight to your query. By offering users the chance to learn from other people’s experiences, Google stated that you might find some details better suited to your needs that an official source might fail to address. On the surface, it feels like the tech giant is launching a mini-social media platform on Search since the feature allows for a free-flowing exchange of details.

Be aware that Notes is a type of short-form content. There doesn’t appear to be enough room for long pieces of text. You would not be able to write, for instance, a 500-word recipe for frosting. These notes are expected to be short and sweet. It is all about having people provide bite-sized tips on how to make something better such as suggesting adding a bit of lemon zest to a batch of frosting.

Guardrails and Limitations

Google knows that implementing such an update could expose Google search to a lot of bad actors coming in and uploading a lot of inappropriate content. In other to combat this, it is introducing some guardrails. First, Google would be “using a combination of algorithmic protections and human review” to double-check what has been uploaded.

Second, the content in “each Note is ranked” according to a search result. The more relevant it is, the higher it would place. Finally, anyone can report a note… for human review” if they run into any inappropriate content.

There are several limitations that you should be aware of. The search feature will be launching today, however, it will only be made available to users who are living in the United States or India, and they are expected to be part of the search labs program. Plus, it would be exclusive to the mobile web version of Google search as well as the official Google app.


Notes are expected to start out as an “Experiment”. The company is looking to see how well this feature will work on a grand scale. It is unknown how long this trial would last or if it would get an official release.

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