How To Upgrade Your Router’s Firmware

when you upgrade your router firmware you are entitled to Enjoy new outstanding features and Security improvement . And some routers automatically update their firmware.

Router's Firmware

Do I Need To Update My Router’s Firmware?

Here are the reason why you need to update your router firmware

  • To boost your Internet speed,therebybringing solution to your faulty Internet connection and make it connect faster. It’s very necessary  You update your router firmware to improve your overall Internet performance
  • To enjoy Security fixes and other new features.  Danger might be detected on your current firmware so an update may be put out by your router producer in other to fix it

How To Update Router’s Firmware

Follow the steps below to find your router IP address and also learn how to update your router firmware

How To Find your router address for Windows

  • Enter you IP address intoyour Web browser or check your router for the address
  • Click on the “start” menu
  • Type in “network status”
  • Go to the top right of the screen and Select the name of your current connection
  • Tap on “details” tab, in the fresh page
  • Locate the IPv4 default gateway entry

Find your router IP address for Apple router

  • Locate your Web browser and enter your router IP address
  • Tap on “Apple” menu
  • Click on system preference” tab
  • Pres “network” widget
  • Go to the left frame and select the active connection
  • Tap “Advanced” button
  • Click “TCP/IP” link

Install Router update

  • Connect to the router using Ethernet
  • Key in routers IP address into your Web browser
  • Type in your Admin username and password
  • Open the “firmware router upgrade page
  • Click on “check” tab to see if there’s available update
  • Download the latest firmware files, if displayed on the screen
  • Incase you found no link, you can go to the manufacturer support site
  • Key in your router model into the support site search
  • Find the current firmware files and download
  • Double click on the “ZIP file”
  • Tap on “extract” link
  • At your router update page Tap on “choose file” widget
  • Select your newly extracted file
  • Click on “upload” link

How To Update Airport Router

  • Go to your utility folder and open the airport utility program.  If you are using iOS device you can the airport utility from your app store
  • Tap on your “base station” and Key in your password
  • If update is available, Click on “update” tab
  • Select “continue” link

How To Update NETGEAR Router’s Firmware

  • Open your Web browser
  • Search for
  • Click on “Enter” tab
  • Key in your Admin username and password
  • Tap on “Advanced” widget
  • Select “administration or Settings” button
  • Pres on “administration” link  depending on the type of your router
  • Click on Router’s update or firmware update.
  • Tap on “check” widget and wait for your it to search for new firmware
  • Pres “yes” button if they have new one

How To Upgrade Xfinity Arris Router Firmware

  • Visit Arris Router homepage
  • Click on the “more” option
  • Select “Driver and Firmware update” from the options provided
  • Click “routers”
  • Tap on your device model number
  • Navigate to select the latest version of  firmware Arris Router
  • Download and install it
  • Reboot Your computer


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