MasterCard Credit Card Vs Visa Credit Card: MasterCard and Visa Credit Card Review

MasterCard Credit Card Vs Visa Credit Card? Both visa and MasterCards CC are pretty much acceptable at any credit cards accepted locations. All MasterCard and Visa CC has its unique feature since non of the company is involved in offering any card or extending credit.

That is to say, every visa and Mastercard are issued through a co-branded relationship.

However, as both companies do not issue any card, they work together with other brands to issue credit option.

A credit card is one of the types of the non-cash payment platform. It enables users to pay for goods or services on the basis of paying the issuer back later. There are lots of CC Issuers, it’s mostly issued by banks/financial companies.

MasterCard Credit Card Vs Visa Credit Card


MasterCard Credit Card Vs Visa Credit Card

Mastercard and Visa card are the two biggest payment processing networks across the globe. Banks that are members, offers MasterCard and Visa CC directly to their customers, mostly through co-branded CC partnerships with airlines.

Both are publicly traded. Visa commands over $300 billion in market capitalization while MasterCard commands $293 billion.

So, since non of these payment processors extends credit or offers cards through a banking unit, both have a broad portfolio of co-branded offerings.

Moreover, both cards have similar business models, they do not offer cards direct to people rather through partner member financial organization (like credit union and banks).

 Visa Or MasterCard: Which Is Better?

To discover the best payment processor for you, check out the basic info and the difference between the two payment processor.


Visa generated over $20 billion in total revenue with a payments volume of $8.8 trillion, in 2019. Its main product includes credit, prepaid and debit cards, including business solutions and worldwide ATM services.

Visa is majorly known for issuing three card levels- basis, signature and Infinite. It’s also larger when it comes to transactions, purchase volume and CC in circulation.


As of 2019, MasterCard has a total revenue of over $16 billion, with a payment volume of 6.5 trillion. It’s known for Issuing Standard, world and world elite cc, unlike visa.

Their core products are consumer credit, consumer credit, prepaid and debit cards. Service fees are calculated as a percentage of global dollar volume

However, both visa and MasterCards earn mainly of their revenue from service and data process fees.

These payment providers offer little or no benefits, these are the only difference between the two. The rest of the CC benefits and outstanding features comes from the card’s Issuer (banks)

Issuers are responsible for interest rates structuring, development of rewards program. They also come with perks/benefits like theft, car rental insurance, fraud protection, cashback, rewards points etc.

Which is better?

If you’re trying to figure out which of these payment processors is best, I think it does even matter the one you go for, the most important thing is what the Issuer of the card is offering. So when you want to get a CC, you shouldn’t focus on the payment processor rather focus on the CC features, rates and fees, welcoming bonuses, rewards that are determined by Issuers.

 How To Check If Credit Card Visa Or MasterCard

Its very simple to detect or know a Visa or MasterCard when you see one. To check if a particular CC is V or M, simply login to the CC website. On their homepage, you’ll see the picture of the card. Thus, if it’s V or M, you will see it clearly on the card picture.

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