NJM Insurance Group – Why Choose NJM for Your New Jersey Insurance?

Looking for a New Jersey insurer that truly understands the unique needs of local homeowners and drivers? As an NJ policyholder myself, I enthusiastically recommend NJM Insurance.

NJM Insurance Group

Operating right here for over a century, NJM offers customized coverage, standout service, and innovative discounts tailored specifically for our state. Trust me, when it comes to insurance within New Jersey, no one knows Jersey better than NJM.

NJM Insurance Group has been providing quality insurance coverage to New Jersey residents since 1913. As a policyholder-owned company focused entirely on the New Jersey market, NJM offers customized insurance options you won’t find anywhere else.

About the NJM Insurance Group

The firm was founded in 1913 in West Trenton, New Jersey. NJM Insurance Group is a highly-rated regional mutual insurance company.

As a mutual company, NJM is owned by its policyholders rather than investors or stockholders. This allows NJM to focus on providing exemplary service and competitive rates, rather than worrying about profit margins and shareholder value.

Some key facts about NJM

  • Specializes solely in New Jersey insurance market
  • A+ rating from A.M. Best financial strength rating agency
  • Over 430,000 policyholders statewide
  • Offers auto, home, business, life, and umbrella insurance
  • Known for exceptional claims service and fast response times
  • Policyholders are “Members” who share in dividends

Unlike large national insurers, NJM is laser-focused on protecting New Jersey residents and businesses. Keep reading to learn why you should consider switching your insurance to NJM.

Why Choose NJM for Your New Jersey Insurance?

Here are the top reasons why NJM Insurance should be your first choice for coverage in New Jersey:

Customized New Jersey Insurance Options

NJM offers a full suite of insurance options tailored specifically for New Jersey exposures. On the personal lines side, this includes:

  • Auto Insurance – Available for New Jersey plus PA, DE, NY. Includes standard coverages plus options like classic car insurance.
  • Homeowners Insurance – Features coverage options not available from national carriers.
  • Flood Insurance – Critical protection for a coastal state prone to storms and flooding.
  • Umbrella Insurance – Extra liability coverage layered over existing policies.

NJM also offers an extensive array of commercial insurance coverages fine-tuned for New Jersey businesses.

Consistently High Marks for Customer Service

In survey after survey, NJM customers give the company top grades for service quality and fast response times. Key indicators include:

  • 95% customer satisfaction rating
  • 97% auto claims satisfaction
  • Average call answer time of less than 1 minute

The commitment to top-tier service spans all aspects of NJM insurance, from helpful agents to prompt claims resolution.

Innovative Product Features and Discounts

Some examples of NJM’s product innovations include:

  • NJM Safe Drive – App-based telematics program providing significant auto insurance discounts for safe driving habits.
  • REC Rewards – Home insurance credits for completing risk-reduction steps like installing smoke alarms.
  • Vehicle Forgiveness – Waives chargeable accidents for long-time auto policyholders.

NJM also offers standard discounts like multi-policy, good student, and paid-in-full savings.

Financial Stability You Can Count On

With an A+ Superior financial strength rating from A.M. Best, NJM has demonstrated the ability to pay out claims even in difficult circumstances. This gives you peace of mind that your insurance company will be there when you need them most.

Key facts about NJM’s strong financial position:

  • $50+ million policyholder surplus
  • 16+% premium growth in 2021
  • 109+ years of serving New Jersey insurance needs

NJM Insurance Products for Home and Auto

Now that you know why NJM is a great choice for insurance, let’s take a closer look at some of their top products.

NJM Home Insurance

NJM Home Insurance packages feature options not readily available from other carriers, including:

  • Identity theft expense reimbursement
  • Water and sewer backup coverage
  • Ordinance or law for rebuilding to updated building codes
  • Basement water seepage damage

NJM homeowners enjoy benefits like replacement cost coverage for personal property and liability umbrella coverage built into policies.

Discounts range from multi-line and paid-in-full savings to retiree and claims-free credits. NJM also offers policyholders ways to reduce premiums by completing risk-reduction steps.

NJM Auto Insurance

Drivers insured with NJM praise the quality of service received during the inevitable auto claim. NJM auto products include all standard coverages plus extras like:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts coverage
  • Temporary transportation expense
  • Pet injury protection
  • Vehicle forgiveness program

The NJM SafeDrive app allows drivers to save based on safe driving habits measured through their smartphones. Available discounts include multi-car, anti-theft devices, good student, and more.

How to Get an NJM Insurance Quote

Ready to get a quote from NJM Insurance? You can get started in three ways:

  1. Online – Visit njm.com and click “Get a Quote” to use the website’s quoting engine.
  2. Agent – Speak to a local, knowledgeable NJM agent to discuss coverage questions.
  3. Phone – Call 1-800-232-6600 to connect with an NJM insurance representative.

Be prepared to provide details about your home, vehicles, drivers, and current coverage. This allows NJM to return the most accurate quote possible.

Compare your options between NJM and other insurers to confirm you are getting the best rate. NJM is known for combining competitive premiums with standout service.

How Much is Car Insurance in NJ Per Month?

The average car insurance cost in New Jersey per month is around $150-$200 depending on your location, demographics, driving history, and coverage amounts.

The average full coverage car insurance policy in NJ runs roughly $1,800-$2,400 per year, putting the monthly cost in the range of $150-$200. However, rates can be much higher or lower.

Some main factors that influence monthly auto insurance costs in New Jersey include:

  • Where in NJ you live – rates tend to be higher in cities like Newark. Living in a rural or suburban area may yield lower premiums.
  • Your age – teens and young drivers pay significantly more, with rates decreasing as you get older.
  • Driving history – drivers with accidents or violations see much higher rates. A clean record gets the best premiums.
  • Type of vehicle – insuring a luxury, sports car or SUV costs more than an economy sedan.
  • Coverage limits and deductibles – higher liability/collision limits or lower deductibles lead to pricier policies.

On average, we see NJ drivers pay between $125 to $250+ per month for car insurance depending on all those personal factors listed above. Shopping around can help find the best rate to fit your needs.


For over 100 years, NJM Insurance Group has specialized in creating customized insurance products to meet the needs of New Jersey residents.

Policyholders benefit from an award-winning level of service spanning their entire customer journey. Innovative pricing programs reward safe driving habits and proactive risk reduction steps. NJM’s financial strength provides peace of mind that claims will be paid even following major catastrophes.

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