Scholarship For PhD Students in USA

Embarking on a journey towards a PhD can be both exhilarating and daunting. Pursuing advanced studies requires dedication, passion, and often, financial resources. However, numerous scholarship opportunities exist for aspiring scholars in the United States, easing the burden of tuition fees and living expenses.

Scholarship For PhD Students in USA

In this article, we’ll explore various scholarships for PhD students in USA, empowering you to pursue your academic dreams without financial constraints.

Top Scholarships for PhD Students in USA

Let’s explore the various scholarships available for PhD students in USA:

Fulbright Foreign Student Program in the USA 2024

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers scholarships to international students pursuing graduate study or research in the United States. Administered by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the program aims to promote mutual understanding and cultural exchange between the United States and other countries.

Fulbright scholarships cover tuition, living expenses, and health insurance for the duration of the study or research program. Recipients also receive support for visa applications and travel expenses.

Deadline: Deadline varies

Jeff Schell Fellowships 2024

The Jeff Schell Fellowships are offered by the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology in Germany. These fellowships support PhD students pursuing research in plant biology, particularly molecular plant physiology.

Named after the renowned scientist Jeff Schell, the fellowship aims to foster groundbreaking research in plant sciences. The fellowship covers living expenses and provides additional funding for research-related costs. Recipients also benefit from access to state-of-the-art research facilities and mentorship from leading scientists in the field.

Deadline: 08 Apr 2024

Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) PhD Fellowships 2024

The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds (BIF) offers fellowships to PhD students pursuing research in biomedical sciences. These fellowships support doctoral candidates conducting innovative research projects worldwide at universities or research institutions.

The Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Ph.D. Fellowships provide financial support for living expenses, research materials, and conference attendance. Recipients also have the opportunity to network with other fellows and renowned scientists through BIF events and seminars.

Deadline: 01 Jun 2024

Dr. Eduard Gubelin Research Scholarship 2024

The Dr. Eduard Gübelin Association for Research & Identification of Precious Stones offers the Dr. Eduard Gübelin Research Scholarship. This scholarship supports research projects in the field of gemology, particularly focusing on the identification and characterization of gemstones.

The scholarship is open to researchers, gemologists, and students pursuing advanced studies in gemology or related fields. Applicants should propose a research project with clear objectives and scientific merit.

The scholarship provides financial support to cover research expenses, including laboratory fees, travel costs, and publication fees. Recipients may also receive mentorship and guidance from experts in the field.

Deadline: 31, Jul 2024

Leakey Foundation Research Grants 2024

The Leakey Foundation offers research grants to support scientific research related to human origins, evolution, behavior, and ecology. These grants fund fieldwork, laboratory research, and data analysis in anthropology, paleontology, archaeology, primatology, and related disciplines.

Leakey Foundation Research Grants provide funding for research expenses, including travel, equipment, and stipends for researchers. Recipients also benefit from networking opportunities and access to the Leakey Foundation’s scientific community.

Researchers, doctoral students, and postdoctoral scholars from any country are eligible to apply. Proposed research projects should contribute to advancing knowledge in the field of human evolution.

Deadline: 15, Jul 2024

Richard A. Freund International Scholarship 2024

The Richard A. Freund International Scholarship is offered by the University of Hartford’s Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies. This scholarship supports graduate students pursuing research in Jewish studies, with a focus on archaeology, history, literature, or related fields.

Graduate students enrolled in accredited institutions worldwide are eligible to apply. Applicants should demonstrate a strong academic background and propose a research project aligned with the scholarship’s objectives.

The scholarship provides financial support for research expenses, including travel, accommodation, and materials. Recipients may also have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty members and participate in academic events.

Deadline: 01, Apr 2024

Harambe Fletcher Scholarships for African Students in USA

The Harambe Fletcher Scholarships are offered jointly by the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance and the Fletcher School at Tufts University. These scholarships support outstanding African students pursuing graduate studies in international affairs, public policy, business, law, or related fields at the Fletcher School.

African students with a strong academic record, leadership potential, and a commitment to addressing pressing challenges in Africa are eligible to apply. Applicants should demonstrate financial need and a desire to contribute to Africa’s development.

The scholarships cover tuition, fees, and living expenses for the duration of the graduate program at the Fletcher School. Recipients also benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance’s resources.

Deadline: Deadline varies

University of the People Online Tuition Free Degrees

The University of the People (UoPeople) offers tuition-free online degree programs in various fields, including business administration, computer science, health science, and education. Founded on the principles of accessible education, UoPeople aims to make higher education affordable and accessible to students worldwide.

The University of the People’s degree programs are open to students from any country who meet the admission requirements for their chosen program. Applicants should demonstrate English proficiency and a commitment to academic success.

The University of the People offers tuition-free education, allowing students to earn accredited degrees without the burden of tuition fees. Additional fees may apply for exams and course materials, but scholarships and financial aid options are available to eligible students.

Deadline: 21, March – 30, May 2024 (Annually)


Pursuing a PhD is a significant undertaking, but financial assistance is available to help aspiring scholars achieve their academic goals. Whether you’re passionate about STEM research, social sciences, or humanities, there are scholarship opportunities tailored to your field of study. Take advantage of these resources to unlock your potential and make meaningful contributions to your chosen field.

Remember to explore each scholarship’s eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and requirements thoroughly. With determination and the support of these scholarship programs, you can embark on a fulfilling journey of academic discovery and innovation.

In conclusion, while the path to a Ph.D. may be challenging, scholarships can alleviate financial burdens and pave the way for success. Seize the opportunity, pursue your passions, and embark on a rewarding academic journey in the United States.

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