Twitter Launches TweetDeck 2.0 – But it’s a Pay to Use Feature

TweetDeck happens to be the source of ample drama today, as users woke up entirely to a completely unusable web app. No one knew what was happening, but speculation quickly spread that the recent rate limitations Twitter imposed on the users were the cause of the problems. Well, that turns out to be the case, well kind of.

Twitter Launches TweetDeck 2.0

Twitter Launches TweetDeck 2.0

As series of tweets that came from Twitter employee named Ben clarified things: Legacy TweetDeck was taken down because Twitter had pulled the legacy APIs it relied on. Why? In an effort to reduce data scrapping, which also happens to be the reason for the rate limits.

Ben stated in his tweet that Twitter was working on migrating the users to TweetDeck preview, but it was not clear how long it would take for more accounts to get access to the latest version, he latest stated in one tweet that he was still waiting for permission to add beta testers. Only just hours later, the ultimate reason for the chaos was revealed: Twitter has locked the latest TweetDeck behind the verified paywall, meaning that you would need to make payment for a Twitter Blue subscription to access it.

TweetDeck is Now Locked in Paywall

Fortunately, the new TweetDeck — beforehand accessible as a see — is presently accessible to every individual who needs to utilize it. The disadvantage is that its conventional sendoff accompanies a paywall. There’s a 30-day respite from paying, as indicated by the declaration tweet from Twitter Backing, so that will essentially give clients time to conclude whether they need to fork over the cash, live without TweetDeck, or forsake Twitter completely.

On the off chance that you’re a TweetDeck client, you’ll have to tap the “Attempt the new TweetDeck” banner in the web application. Twitter says the refreshed rendition of the stage incorporates “full writer usefulness,” however the Groups angle is down and out and will not be accessible for “weeks.” In its connected FAQ record, Twitter alludes to this as TweetDeck 2.0, expressing that clients just make someone-memories an opportunity to relocate their current information over to the new TweetDeck experience.


The company stated that the additional features would be added to the new TweetDeck in time, though there is no indication of what those features might actually be, and how long the soon-to-be-paying users would need to wait. Just as expected, the paywall announcement has not really gone over well with a lot of people, some of whom have talked about their concerns that Twitter might not have the personnel required to handle customer support problems that might pop up.

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