Agricultural Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria

Today, the idea of agriculture in Nigeria does not sit well with a lot of people. Tons of Nigeria see farming as an old-school approach to earning money and as unprofitable. Well, the thing with agriculture is that it doesn’t have to be all about farming, and even farming itself isn’t as bad as people paint it to be. No matter how far the world advances, we will always need agricultural produce.

Agricultural Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria

Aside from farming, there is a legion of agriculture-related business ideas that anybody can implement to take advantage of the multi-million-dollar industry. Well in this content, I will be giving you a list of options to check out in the Agricultural Business field.

Agricultural Business Ideas to Make Money in Nigeria

Below I Have stated some amazing Agricultural business ideas that you can check out yourself. These businesses are profitable and you would surely earn a lot from it if you pick the right one. They include:

Snail Farming

This is a booming agribusiness in Nigeria, all thanks to its numerous income opportunities. Seeing as Snails are not exactly the most in-demand meat available out there, not a lot of people rear it either. This makes it one of the least competitive and most profitable money-making agricultural business ideas for any Nigerian.

Poultry Farming

The Nigerian poultry industry offers millions of eggs and close to around endless supply of meat, but with a population of around 200 million people, the output still is not enough.

Seeing the demand for these birds is high, you would experience barely any competition. Just sell at the right price and make your profit.


If you fancy exterior design, you might want to explore a career in landscaping, a business that entails making a garden more attractive using ornament plants. With plenty of homes and businesses hiring landscapers to their surroundings a facelift, making money off the business is the easiest part.

Pesticide and insecticide Manufacturing

Destructive insects and pests happen to be some of the biggest worries of the average Nigerian farmer, but you should help them solve the manufacturing of pesticides and insecticides. Ever since this field requires handling and transporting chemicals, also it’s one of the more technical money-making agricultural business ideas, so you would ideally want to get some training before offering it a go.

Farming Equipment Rental

For this aspect, you do not need to be on the field to earn money from Nigeria’s booming agricultural industry. With substantial capital, you can purchase heavy farm machinery and rent it out to farmers, charging them on a weekly and daily basis.

Fish Farming

Nigerians Love their fish, and nothing can take that away from them. What you should be able to take away, however, is their money in exchange for delicious fish farmed in artificial ponds. With little capital and some tiny fish, also you can make a killing from a fishery business in Nigeria.

Animal Feed Manufacturing

Non-nomadic livestock farmers rely mainly on animal feed to ensure that their animals get a balanced diet all year. Hence, producing and supplying animal feed to livestock farmers happens to be one of the best money-making agricultural business ideas. What’s more, you also get to combine this with other agro-business seamlessly, creating multiple streams of income.

Pig Farming

Not everyone in Nigeria eats pig, mostly they avoid the meat for religious and cultural reasons, but that group of people also do not farm them. So, if you are not among the population that does not eat it, then you would make a ton of money farming them.


Exporting agricultural products is more valuable than selling them in Nigeria. However, our government has induced some barriers to exporting that prevent farmers from trying. If you happen to be brave enough, you can purchase farm produce directly from the farmers and then export it to foreign countries.

Fertilizer production

Running a large-scale fertilizer production facility may require a really large ton of permits and paperwork from the agriculture ministry, but you do not have to start that big. If you are familiar with the steps needed to make fertilizer, you can start with a small scale and just sell your business locally.

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