The Best Dance Schools in Lagos Nigeria

If you are looking for a great dance school to try out in Lagos, then you should be prepared to get in the zone as there are tons of great dance schools in Lagos. The schools there would help you develop your talent, mold you into a better dancer, and offer you everything you need to touch your peak.

The Best Dance Schools in Lagos Nigeria

In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best dance schools available in Nigeria that can help you build your dancing skills carefully. If you want to take up dancing as a career, or just want to be able to move nicely at an event or to a nice song, then this article has you covered as it would be offering you some of the best dance schools to check out in Lagos Nigeria.

The Best Dance Schools in Lagos Nigeria

Below I have put together some of the best Dance schools to check out in Lagos Nigeria. These schools certainly rank among the best in the country so you should try not to miss out on an opportunity to try out at least one of them.

Apex Dance Company

The Apex Dance Company school is equipped with highly qualified instructors, Knowledgeable in several dance styles, making it one of the best schools around, and guaranteeing students amazing instruction.

They are known for offering various dance styles, accommodating all interests and ability levels, from modern to traditional African dances. A lot of opportunities for students to show off their talents through competitions and performances that would help them build their skills.

Address: 41 Adebola Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

Corporate Dance World

This school places its focus on a Dance program with wellness and team-building elements designed for business environments. The school offers a special program that aligns with business requirements and aims to improve staff morale and togetherness through dance.

The school got its recognition from having elite teachers who combined their knowledge of dance with a grasp of business culture in other to create memorable and more effective lessons.

Address: Behind Conoil Filling Station, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

Qdance Hub

This dance school is another amazing school you really should check out. The school draws creative minds because of its innovative choreography and propensity in other to push boundaries.

The school is embracing technology as a tool meant for dance education which promotes fresh perspectives and great dance forms. This is another interesting feature that the school has. Additionally, they actively interact with artists from a lot of disciplines, which offers a distinctive fusion of artistic expression and dance.

Address: No 13 Manuwa Street, Ikoyi, Lagos State Nigeria

The Body Language Company

The Body Language company is home to some of the best dancers, performers, choreographers, fitness experts, and martial artists in Nigeria, with sharp skill and unmatched expertise in output.

BLC offers teaching sessions in different disciplines at their studio, at chosen out stations, schools, corporate organizations, schools, churches, and residential apartments. Body language is given the task of teaching and preparing different children, youth, and adults for competitions, presentations, wedding first dances, and more.

The school is also a host to performances and presentations at events, thereby making whatever occasion it is a memorable one. They offer end-of-the-year parties, stage productions, corporate functions, weddings, birthday parties, dinners, fashion shows, and more.

Location: Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.

Bailamos Dance Company

The Bailamos Dance Company is a one-stop company for dance classes, entertainment on special occasions, studio rental services, and personal training. They tutor students of any age group, so you can get your kicks in.

At the moment, the school is among the best dance schools in Lagos, so surely you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.

Location: 41B Dr. Ladi Alakija, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos.

Leap of Dance Academy

This is a non-profit organization that doubles as a dance school in Ojo Badagry, Lagos. The school was founded in Owoseni Ajala in the year 2017.

The main aim of the academy is to make accessible dance education to students who enjoy dancing and cannot afford the luxury of an education, and to anybody at all who is interested. The Leap of Dance Academy does not just provide free education, but also it assists students with their regular school work, meals, and mental support.

Beta Dance Academy

Beta Dance Academy is a top dancing school in Lagos. The Beta Dancing Academy is quite famous for teaching different styles of dancing, which include hip-hop, ballet, and some modern and traditional African Dances.

Address: Alagbado, Kola Bus Stop, lkeja, Lagos Nigeria

Robotics Dance School

Based on the way it approaches dancing, the Robotics Dance school stands out as one of the top dance schools in Lagos, plus it is very unique. The school is special mainly because it combines dance and robots. It investigates the innovative methods of putting together dance styles with technology, offering students cutting-edge educational opportunity.

Plus, they offer a robotics and dance curriculum that enables the student to experiment with technology infused with Choreography, motions, and creative expressions. People who are curious about these fields’ convergence are pulled to this strategy.

Address: Tete Street, Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria

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