Price of Fire Pumps in Nigeria

Fire pump prices in Nigeria usually range from N50,000 to around N50 million depending on the capacity and some other factors. Let’s say, the price of the 100HP fire pump is around N9 million – N18 million.

Price of Fire Pumps in Nigeria

A fire pump is a very essential component of a fire sprinkler system or a standpipe system in buildings. Its basic function is to deliver water with enough pressure to firefighting devices, which include sprinklers, hose lines, or hydrants. Fire pumps are very important and vital protection systems, making sure that water can be supplied at the required pressure and flow rate to control or extinguish a fire.

Price of Fire Pump in Nigeria

Below, I have properly detailed the price of Fire pumps in Nigeria. The table has properly detailed the price for each pump and their cost. They include:

Type of Fire Pump Price in Nigeria
5HP Fire Pump 80,000.00
10HP Fire Pump 150,000.00
15HP Fire Pump 250,000.00
20HP Fire Pump 500,000.00
25HP Fire Pump 700,000.00
30HP Fire Pump 1,500,000.00
40HP Fire Pump 6,000,000.00
50HP Fire Pump 7,000,000.00
100HP Fire Pump 13,000,000.00
200HP Fire Pump 21,000,000.00
1000HP Fire Pump 50,000,000.00

Factors that Affect the price of fire pumps in Nigeria

The following are some factors that affect the prices of fire pumps in Nigeria currently. They include:

Brand and Quality

Brands that have been established and reputable usually come with a much higher price due to their excellent records and the fact that their products are reliable. Higher quality materials and manufacturing processes usually contribute to a higher price. Usually, the price of the German-made fire pump is higher than that of the Chinese-made pumps.


The capacity and the performance specifications of a fire pump, which include the pumping rate and the pressure, can significantly impact the price. Higher capacity pumps with advanced features might be pricier. The price of a 5HP fire pump usually would be less than the 20HP fire pump.


Usually, technology features which include automatic controls, smart monitoring, and energy efficiency, contribute to a much higher pricing.

Import Taxes and Duties

The duties and taxes imposed by the government on firefighting equipment can affect the final price of the fire pumps. These costs are usually passed on to the consumers. The recent increase in the import duty in Nigeria is already affecting the prices of fire pumps.

Local Regulations and Standards

Compliance with the local safety standards and regulations might necessitate additional manufacturing processes or materials, affecting the cost of production and, subsequently, the price of fire pumps.

Distribution and Logistics

The cost of distribution, which includes logistics and transportation, can affect the final price of the Pump. Factors including the cost of shipping, import/export fees, and local distribution expenses play a role.

Demand and Supply

Normally, demand and supply are other factors that affect the prices of Goods. If there is a high demand for the Fire Pumps and a limited supply, then the prices might increase.

Economic Conditions

The economic factors include inflation, exchange rates, and overall economic stability, and can influence the pricing of goods and services, including fire pumps.


Government policies related to firefighting and safety regulations can impact the pricing of the fire pumps. Changes in the policies or new requirements might lead to adjustments in prices.

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