11 Online Investment Platforms that Pay Daily in Nigeria

Building wealth doesn’t just come by working and then squandering the money on personal stuff. Somethings there are some extra steps you would need to take, and one of them is investing. Investing has really turned out great for a lot of people, and surely it can help you too.

Online Investment Platforms that Pay Daily in Nigeria

The deal here now is getting a Good place to invest. You might have heard about people in other countries investing in stocks, and surely you have wondered if that is possible in Nigeria. Well the answer is yes, and there are tons of investment platforms that pay daily in Nigeria.

11 Online Investment Platforms that Pay Daily in Nigeria

Below I have put together about 15 platforms that enable you to invest money. These platforms offer you investments like P2P loans. Local or international stocks, dollar, or fixed-income instrument that generates returns daily. With that stated, let’s dive right into the content of this article.


This is one of the best online investment platforms that pay daily. You can save and invest your money and get returns daily, as Cowrywise pays interest on a daily basis.

From mutual funds to agricultural investment, even fixed savings plans enable you to save your cash for a period of time without being able to withdraw until the set withdrawal date. Also, you can invest in foreign stocks by using Cowrywise. The platforms offer both saving and investing as an option.


If you have some cash lying around in your bank account, you can choose to transfer it to Piggyvest just lock it in, and keep generating daily profit from it. This platform is one of the most popular in Nigeria right now and it pays daily. There are multiple investment options on the platform, and you can also make use of it as an online bank.


If you are interested in investing in foreign stocks, then Risevest is what you need. This platform enables you to invest in dollars. There are tons of investment options on Risevest. From investing in US stocks like Tesla and Amazon to investing in real estate. Trust me you surely would love this platform, plus they are trustworthy.


If you are interested in purchasing local shares like Dangote Cement, jumia, and the like, trove is the right move to make. You can start your investment with just N1000, also you can also invest in foreign stocks like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and more.

Trove enables you to buy and hold or even trade several foreign and local stocks, as well as bonds and ETFs. The perk to this platform is that it offers access to tools that would help you become a savvy investor.


Accrue was basically designed to help you grow the money you want to save by enabling you to invest in stocks, crypto, and dollars making use of the dollar-cost averaging principle.

From investing in stablecoin that yields daily returns to saving money towards your financial goals, also you can benefit from accruing in a lot of ways. It has a vault where you can lock up your cash for a particular period of time and earn up to about 5% interest on withdrawals.

Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash offers more than whatever it is prominently known for. On chipper cash, you can subsidize your record and put resources into stocks from Nigeria.

From purchasing partial offers to putting resources into unfamiliar stocks, and, surprisingly, saving money on charges with the most reduced commission, chipper cash can likewise assist you with creating financial momentum.


Bamboo is similar to Risevest, it is an online investment platform that enables Nigerians to invest in foreign live stocks. With just $10, you should be able to start investing and making money on a daily basis. You get to explore a wide range of investment opportunities that bamboo has to offer.

You get to deposit and place your money in fixed savings where your interest gets credited on a daily basis. Also, you get to invest in both Nigerian and Foreign stocks by purchasing, holding, or even trading them.


Formerly recognized as Paylater, this is a loan app in Nigeria. This app enables you to invest with as little as 100 Naira. You get to invest in fixed savings which returns can go up to 16% per annum. The best part is that the interest adds up every day.

With carbon, you should be able to meet your financial goals as it allows you to customize your investment duration which ranges from 3 to 12 months.


In the event that you’ve been needing to put resources into Amazon, Tesla, Nike, or purchase shares at Dangote, Jumia, etc, Chaka could be a decent choice to attempt.

You can begin exchanging shares with Chaka from as low as $10 or N1000. You can follow profits from speculations bought on the Chaka site or application. Astonishingly, the withdrawal interaction is consistent to get your set aside cash, or acknowledged gains on stocks.

Pillow Fund

Another clever internet investment product that pays off every day in Nigeria is the Pillow Fund. With the help of this platform, you may invest with cash and quickly obtain the highest returns on your digital assets.

You can invest your naira on Pillow Fund in stablecoins and receive an annual return of up to 14%. Daily installments are made to you for the interest on your investments.


Fint is an exceptionally smart Nigerian P2P loan internet investing platform. Through this network, vetted borrowers can find reliable lenders.

Using this platform, you can lend money to someone and charge them an interest rate. The larger your realizable gain on this platform, the more money you will need to invest.

On Fint, you can become a lender if you have at least ₦20,000. Every month, your account receives a direct payment of your investment returns.

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