American National Life Insurance – Why Consider American National Insurance?

When considering life insurance, you want assurance that the financial foundation underpinning the policy will be there when your family eventually needs to file a claim. With a history of over a century and financial ratings indicating excellent claims-paying abilities, American National Life Insurance aims to provide both reliability and value across its array of policies.

American National Life Insurance

American National first opened its doors in 1905 in Galveston, Texas, with over 100 years of experience serving policyholders. The company now has over $28 billion in assets for more than 5 million customers across the nation.

Let’s explore American National’s financial standing, coverage options, customer support, and what sets them apart in the insurance industry.

About the American National Insurance Company

One of the most crucial considerations when selecting coverage is the financial rating, which indicates the insurer’s ability to pay out claims down the road. American National currently holds an “A” rating from insurance rating authority A.M. Best.

This A rating reflects American National’s balance sheet strength and operating performance exceeding A.M. Best’s standards for excellence.

Specific attributes set the American National apart. These attributes include:

Significant Capital Reserves – With over $100 million in capital and surplus reserves, the company is well-equipped to meet obligations.

Product Diversification – By offering both life insurance and a suite of annuity products, risks are spread across its book of business.

Steady Earnings Performance – American National exhibits consistent operating gains year after year, even during economic downturns.

For those seeking assurances about the backbone behind the policy, American National’s exceptional ratings help provide confidence in their long-term financial stability.

What American National Life Offers

American National provides a range of permanent and temporary life insurance solutions applicable to a variety of needs:

Term Life Coverage

American National Term Life options allow you to lock in coverage for 10, 15, 20 years or longer, with premiums lasting for the preset duration.

Whole Life Insurance

Their Whole Life series offers permanent, lifelong insurance with premiums that do not change over time. Cash value accumulation provides living benefits options.

Indexed Universal Life

For market-linking opportunities, American National’s Indexed Universal Life product ties cash accumulation to market indexes while guaranteeing policy benefit floors.

Variable Life Insurance

Those wanting more hands-on investment control can select Variable Life options with cash values allocated across professionally managed subaccount investment portfolios providing potential growth.

Work with a licensed agent to narrow down which type of life insurance aligns best given your budget, desired length of coverage, and financial objectives for your policy.

Why Consider American National Insurance?

With financial ratings among industry leaders, American National Life Insurance stands poised to deliver on obligations to policy beneficiaries when the difficult time arises.

Their product portfolio offers both temporary and lifelong coverage aligned to different budgetary needs and life stages. And customer service access empowers policyholders to easily manage their plans.

For those seeking insurance protection from a company with over a century of experience and financial excellence earmarking their ability to pay future claims, American National merits strong consideration.

You can speak to an agent today to find out how their policies can provide stability while serving your family’s best interests for generations down the road.

Great Customer Support

Policyholders can conveniently manage their accounts and access customer support resources in a few ways:

Online Account Access – American National’s online portal allows customers 24/7 access to policy documents, billing statements, payment options, beneficiary designation tools, and email messaging with customer service.

Toll-Free Number – Questions can also be addressed through the company’s toll-free customer service line at 1-800-899-6103, with unique claim submission and tracking support at 1-877-357-4570.

Agent Connections – Many customers have direct links to the American National agents who sold them their policies for servicing needs. The company backs its agents with corporate support and advanced planning software.

Reaching out through preferred communication channels helps resolve customer queries and process policy changes promptly.

How to Cancel Your American National Life Insurance Policy

Here are the steps to cancel your American National Life Insurance policy:

Contact American National Customer Service

The first step is to get in touch with an American National customer service representative. You can call them at 1-800-899-6103 or contact them through their website at

When you speak to a representative, inform them that you want to cancel your life insurance policy. They will connect you with the appropriate department to handle the cancellation request.

Provide Your Policy Details

The representative will ask you for some details about your American National life insurance policy, including:

  • Your full name
  • Policy number
  • Reason for canceling

Having this information ready will help expedite the cancellation process.

Complete Any Required Paperwork

Depending on your specific policy, American National may require you to complete and submit cancellation paperwork to make your policy cancellation official.

The customer service rep can let you know if any forms need to be filled out. Common paperwork includes policy release and surrender forms.

Consider Policy Conversion

Before canceling altogether, ask if converting your American National term life policy to a permanent life insurance policy makes sense. This allows you to keep coverage without requiring further medical exams.

Discuss options with your agent or representative to see if conversion offers benefits over outright cancellation.

Once any paperwork submitted is processed, your cancellation will take effect based on the cancellation date you set. Carefully going through this cancellation process helps ensure you officially end your American National life insurance coverage.

How to Make a Claim on American National Life Insurance

Here are the key steps to make a claim on an American National life insurance policy:

Notify American National of the Death

The first step is contacting American National’s claims department at 1-800-899-6103 to inform them of the policyholder’s passing. You’ll need to provide basic information like the full name of the deceased, policy number, date, and cause of death.

Complete the Claim Form Requirements

American National will mail or email you the specific claim forms that need to be filled out. Required documentation typically includes:

  • Certified death certificates
  • The original policy or policies if available
  • Medical history authorization forms

Submit Additional Documentation If Requested

The claims department may request additional paperwork like a police report if the death was accidental or autopsy/toxicology reports for clarity on the cause of death. Provide any supplemental documentation promptly to avoid delays.

Designate the Beneficiary

As the claimant, you’ll need to confirm details like your full legal name, social security number, mailing address, and status as a primary or contingent beneficiary. This verifies you as the designated recipient of policy proceeds.

Once all documentation is received and verified, American National will process the payout to the named beneficiary by the policy terms. Most death benefits are paid out within 1-2 months after submitting a complete claim.


When it comes to choosing reliable life insurance, I always recommend American National for three key reasons:

First, their over 100-year history and A+ financial ratings provide confidence that they’ll be there to pay future claims.

Second, they offer versatile policy options that fit different budgets and life stage needs. And third, easy online account access and dedicated agent support make managing your policy straightforward.

So, for stability from an insurer with longevity, financial strength, flexible offerings, and great service, be sure American National makes your shortlist.

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