8 Best Platforms in Nigeria to Make Money Online

In today’s world, earning money online has become a must-do for a lot of people, and if you are not among those interested in online money-making, then you are wrong. At the moment, there are tons of ways to make money online today, and in this article, I will be touching on a few and arguably some of the best methods to start earning online. So stay tuned and let me take you on a ride.

Best Platforms in Nigeria to Make Money Online

You can get your hands on some pretty nice opportunities via online earning websites as a student, a housewife, or even as someone with a professional job looking to earn extra cash and add to your monthly earnings.

8 Best Platforms to Make Money Online

Here I will be giving you some of the best platforms available out there to make money online. These sites are legit and amazing, and you might even know some of them. They include:


Jumia happens to be the leading retailer in Nigeria and several African countries including Nigeria. Also, it offers as many goods, which includes clothing, electronics home appliances, and many more. Online shoppers get to make their purchases easily and deliver them directly to their homes. In other to ensure a seamless shopping experience for their customers across the continent, Jumia also offers a payment system that is secure and dependable to its customers.

There are several ways to earn from Jumia, and they include:

Jumia Vendor

You should be able to earn money from the platform by adding things to the Jumia website and selling them there. You are expected to register and be accepted in other to start. Look for things that people are looking for the most, get them, and add them to your inventory. By selling these products you should be able to earn money.


Mano is an online marketing platform meant for groceries. The basic aim of this platform is to link consumers to sellers. It is a supermarket where you get to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, alcohol, snacks baked goods, and beverages.

You can earn money by selling things on the platform. Watch the market gap and understand the demand and supply before sourcing products for your store in Mano.

There is also dropshipping. You can work with vendors that manage shipping and inventory. You use your store to advertise your goods, and the supplier fills the order right before they are purchased. you earn with the sum of the suppliers and the selling prices.


This platform enables contractors to offer their skills and services at a price. On Fiverr, you offer a range of digital services. Freelancers can build jobs and offer their abilities to clients globally, and there are tons of digital services you can offer. Freelancers get to build jobs and offer their abilities to clients globally in fields that range from graphic design and writing to programming and marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

You can choose to promote merchandise on your website, blog or using your social media account by signing up for Jumia’s affiliate program. You would get a commission for each sale you make through your affiliate link.

Amazon KDP

A self-publishing platform, like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), enables authors to self-publish and market their paperback books and e-books worldwide.

The authors might maintain creative control over their works with KDP, establish prices, and connect with a sizeable Kindle readership. Also, it offers several tools and services, which include formatting, cover design, and marketing alternatives, in other to assist authors with publication.


A global Network for freelancing, Upwork’s goal is to link companies and individuals with independent contractors across a wide range of industries. A lot of other categories are available, and they include writing, design, programming, marketing, and virtual support.

Customers make use of Upwork’s safe platform to discover qualified freelancers for their projects. In contrast, freelancers can present their skills and work remotely with customers worldwide.


ExpertNaira is an online marketplace that links the providers and the consumers of digital goods and services, which includes books, courses, tutorials, and some other content. ExpertNaira is looking to offer its users practical digital knowledge and assistance, for either personal financing planning, business development, or investment strategies.

You can earn money by choosing to sell e-books, videos, courses, tutorials, and more as a vendor on the platform. Select a niche you can handle, build your brand, and then offer after-sales customer assistance.

Affiliate is another effective way you can use. You can make use of channels to pull attention to a product you are promoting, and you can do this while you are in the comfort of your home.


This is a Nigerian Affiliate website where you get to earn commissions in dollars. Affiliate marketing is a business strategy that has helped a lot of Nigerians, and turned them into millionaires. Also, you can make money via affiliate marketing by receiving commissions for purchases made via a particular referral link.

You offer a product that your targeted audience needs and you would be paid a commission on the sale of that product. After promoting products, every Saturday, Digitstem deposits your earnings into your account.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense enables website owners, and content producers to earn money from their online presence. The publishers can generate income based on ad clicks or impressions by placing targeted advertisements on their websites.

Google AdSense makes use of a sophisticated algorithm to seamlessly integrate relevant adverts with website content, benefiting the publishers and the advertisers.

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