Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Create a LinkedIn Business Page, gives you a platform where you can give your school, brand, products, job offers and services a world’s professional community coverage. This platform, enables you conduct search information and evaluation, as well as showcase your company, and enables employees, act as indirect company ambassadors.

Create a LinkedIn Business Page

What are the advantages of Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

  •  LinkedIn Business Page, gives you the opportunity to engage your people and re-share your employees best LinkedIn posts.
  • You can re-share member posts that mentions your company.
  • There’s LinkedIn “Elevate”, which you can use, to expand the reach and boost the impact of your content
  • Know, and grow your audience, anddiscover content trending with your target audience
  • Takeadvantage of visual analytics, to monitor activity.
  • Withit’s customizable call-to-action feature, you can drive specific actions.
  • The LinkedIn mobile app, givesyou the access to post and respond on the go.
  • Share also PowerPoint, PDFs and Word Docs, thru your page.
  • Get your page, linked to hash tags.

How do I create a LinkedIn Business Page?

 Create a LinkedIn Business Page Requirements

  • A personal LinkedIn profile carrying your true first and last name is a must.
  • Makesure your company, does not already have an existing page on LinkedIn already.
  • Your profile, must be at least seven days old
  • The profile strength needed, is at least intermediate or all star.
  • Theremust be several connections on your profile
  • You must be a current employee of the company and your position shouldbe listed in the experience section of your profile.
  • A company email address shouldbe added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account.
  • The company’s email domain should be exclusive to the company itself.
  • Youmust not use a domain, in creating a company page more than once.
  •,, etc. are domains, which are not exclusive to one company, and thus cannot be used to create a company page.

How to add a Business Page

  • Navigate to your homepage, and move the cursor over “Interests”, and choose “Companies”.
  • Next, select “Create”, in the “Create a company page” section on the right-hand side.
  • Enter your company’s official name and work email address.
  • Click on the “Continue” link, and enter your company information.

If you want to successfully publish your company page,then you must include a description of about 250 and 2000, characters with spaces and a company website URL.

Promote your business, expand the reach and boost the impact of your company andexpand your business coverage by creating a LinkedIn Business Page.


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