6 Foods to Avoid on your Period

While you are on your period during your menstrual phase of the month, every woman gets to experience several period symptoms which include cramps, fatigue, backache, and many more. Usually, these symptoms are controlled by nutritious food items. Well in this article, I would be discussing foods that you should avoid when you are on your period.

Foods to Avoid on your Period

Were you aware that intense cramps or discomfort during your period may not always be linked to your health? Instead, these symptoms can arise from the consumption of unhealthy foods that you may enjoy indulging in during this phase. Here are some commonly consumed foods that can contribute to a distressing menstrual experience, suggesting that it’s time to eliminate them from your diet.

6 Foods to Avoid on your period

While most foods are great in moderation, you might actually want to avoid certain food that might actually worsen the symptoms of your period. These foods should be avoided if you want your period to be less frustrating.


Consuming a lot of salt during your period can lead to water retention, which can result in bloating. In other to reduce bloating, do not add salt to your foods and avoid highly processed food that contains tons of sodium.


It is quite ok to have a moderate quantity of sugar while you are on your period, but eating a lot of it can cause a spike in energy followed by a crash. This usually worsens your mood. If you tend to feel moody, depressed, or anxious while you are on your period, watching your sugar intake can help in regulating your mood.


Caffeine usually causes water retention and bloating. Also, it can exacerbate headaches. But caffeine withdrawal can lead to headaches, too, so do not entirely cut out coffee completely if you are used to having a few cups every day.


The negative effects that alcohol can have on your body can make your period symptoms worse. Alcohol, for instance, can dehydrate you, which can aggravate headaches and make you feel bloated. It can likewise prompt stomach-related issues, like looseness of the bowels and queasiness.

Spicy Foods

A lot of people find that Spicy foods usually get their stomach upset, giving them diarrhea, and stomach pain, and even causing nausea. If your stomach is struggling to tolerate spicy foods or if you are not used to eating them, it might be good for you to avoid them while you are on your period.

Red meat

Prostaglandins are produced by the body during menstruation. Your menstrual cycle begins when your uterus contracts as a result of these compounds and the removal of the lining. However, cramps are brought on by elevated prostaglandin levels.

Basic Cramp Remedies

Eating and avoiding some kind of foods is not the only action for you to take in other to ease the symptoms of your period. You can also choose to try out the following below:


Some evidence suggests that exercise, which includes light cardio and yoga, usually helps with menstrual cramps.

Hot Compresses

Hot water bottles or microwaveable hot compresses can soothe the pain that is in your abdomen and back.


Massaging your back and your stomach can help with reducing your menstrual pain.


Ibuprofen and some other OTC meds usually help with reducing cramps.


Is it good to drink cold water during menstruation?

Cold Water carries no negative impact on our health or menstrual cycle.

What makes your period flow heavier?

Some women have low progesterone levels and high estrogen levels. The uterine lining may thicken as a result of this. Women may experience heavier blood flow and larger blood clots when a thick uterine lining sheds during menstruation.

Which fruit is best for periods?

Bananas, Kiwis and Pineapples are great fruits to eat during your period. Remember to stock up on these three before the cramps begin to alleviate the period pain. These fruits are high in vitamin B6, which aids digestion and prevents bloating.

Does Coke help with period cramps?

Avoid drinking coffee before and during your period because caffeine can aggravate cramps. You shouldn’t sneak it in with chocolate, energy drinks, soda, or tea.

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