Google Chrome Update Makes Customizing Your Browser’s Look A Lot Easier

Anybody that regularly makes use of a computer can tell you that having a desktop interface that satisfies your visual preferences can have tons of benefits. Aside from fostering a more conducive workflow, having a page layout that carries a color scheme that is easy on the eyes can carry out things like work on your mood or even lessen the strains on your eye. Also, it is a fun way to express your personality.

Google Chrome Update Makes Customizing Your Browser's Look A Lot Easier


Google Chrome Update Makes Customizing Your Browser’s Look A Lot Easier

If you are making use of Google Chrome, you can choose to go through browser settings to tinker with its look and feel so that you are not squinting at its default white theme. If you tap on the three-dot icon right on the top-right corner of a Chrome browser page, head to the settings, and select Appearance from the side panel, also you can check out the Chrome web store for colorful and artistic themes you can apply. Also, you can type “color” right into the settings search bar for you to customize your Chrome profile by picking a basic theme hue.

However, a recent update release for Chrome makes the process of switching color themes a lot easier for you to do without having to comb through the browser’s backend or you having to go in and out of the settings page for you to see your design choice applied onscreen.

How to Quickly Personalize Google Chrome’s Appearance

When you launch a new Google Chrome window or tab, you should see a tiny Customize Chrome button or a pencil icon in the bottom right corner of the browser. Prior to the update, clicking on the option would the entire browser window with the customization page and you would have to exit it to see what your modifications look like. Now, it merely produces a nifty sidebar that shows relevant appearance menus, allowing you to see changes to Chrome as you make them.

Under the Appearance section, you can already click through 16 different color combos, including a custom color picker option. If you want to go a step further design-wise, click on the “Change theme” button. You can opt out of the Classic Chrome design and go for one of the suggested theme designs.

Under the Themes page, any given category has a collection of background images that you can apply to your Google Chrome home screen. If you have a specific one that you like, you can click on it and see it immediately reflected to the left of the customization sidebar. In addition, you can switch the “Refresh daily” toggle on so that a new default background image shows up every day.


You get to hit the Chrome Web store tile located at the bottom of the themes page for you to explore even more designs you can apply. Also, there is an option to upload your own image and use that as the background for every new Chrome tab you open.

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