My Credit Card Is Not Working – Reasons for Credit Card Declined?

My Credit Card Is Not Working, what should I do? This would be the first question on my mind. If you’re at the checkout. You may be able to fix it fast, but it would require using another method to resolve the issue.

My Credit Card Is Not Working

Or you’ll have to save your purchase until you find the solution to your credit card issues. There may be a various problem that leads to credit card issues. This we will discuss in this article.

My Credit Card Is Not Working

You Haven’t Activated It

Every new credit card comes with a sticker and instructions for activating it. Call at 1-800 number and key in the last four digits of your social security number or the billing zip code. The call takes just a few minutes and your card will be activated immediately. Some credit card companies allow you to activate your card online or through a smartphone app. Calling the issuer may be faster.

It has Expired

A credit card stops functioning at the expiration month. In most cases, it may even cease working in the expiration month. If you feel your card has expired, check your mail. You may have been sent a replacement credit card already. Or call your credit card issuer to know if a new card is ready.

A New Card on the Way

Your Credit card issuer may have to issue a new card to you. If your account number has been compromised after a major data breach. a new credit card may be on the way already. The card issuer will likely cancel the old one. Many credit card issuers is now issuing more secure credit cards with EMV  Chips. This technology prevents cards from being cloned or duplicated.

Your card issuer will deactivate your credit card immediately after the new one is dispatched to you. On receiving your new card call and activate it for usage.

Demagnetized or Scratched

The magnetic stripe in some credit cards may stop working after a while. If the card is too close to a magnetic object or even a cell phone. A credit card is Demagnetized if there is a credit card error in inserting at an ATM point.

Or in some cases, there will be no action after the swipe. Scratches or bends on the magnetic stripe may also prevent your credit card from being swiped. Your card number can still be manually entered, but you’ll have to get a new credit card to make swipe purchases.

You do not have Sufficient Credit

Your card transactions may be altered if don’t have enough available credit for the transaction. You may make a payment right away to free up some available credit. Except the card is linked to your checking account. It’s better to use another payment method if such problems are experienced.

Fraudulent Activity on Your Account

Your Credit Card will stop working if your credit card issuer suspects fraudulent activity on your account. If someone uses your credit card to make purchases in another state. It can also happen if you make purchases outside your normal spending habits. Your credit card issuer may suspect fraud.

My Credit Card Is Not Working

Many credit card companies require pre-information on travelling if you’re travelling abroad. Most fraudulent activity happens on travelling abroad. Many card issuers do not take the risk of allowing charges to incur in these cases. If you know you’re travelling and plan to use your card abroad. Make sure you call your issuer to let them know where you’ll be and the dates you’ll travel.

f you know you’re travelling and plan to use your card abroad. Make sure you call your issuer to let them know where you’ll be and the dates you’ll travel. It is important to call your card issuers even if you’re not using the card, it is necessary to call in case of emergency or you’re stuck.

Wrong Billing Information

Online purchases require you to enter the billing information as it appears on your credit card statement. Your credit card won’t work if your billing information is incorrect. If all other information is accurate.

Try to verify all the credit card information you’ve entered matches your statement. this problem can arise at times. It can happen for certain reasons, some have nothing to do with your spending habits, and some are the way you use your card. Having the appropriate knowledge can help you overcome the issue that comes with a credit card not working.

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