PS5 Boost Mods

As video game consoles get more powerful in performance, one clear goal is to work on improving the frame rates of the console games to the point that they can run much faster and even more smoothly, the same way games on high-end PCs do. Higher frame rates not only make the motion of the graphics look a lot better but also allow for lesser input lag and more responsive control.

PS5 Boost Mods

At lower frame rates, it takes much longer for a given frame of animation to pop up on the screen, so you should know what is needed to do and mash the appropriate buttons sooner, the higher the game’s frame rate is.

PS5 Boost Mods

One of the features of Sony PlayStation 5 that appeals to a long-time gamer is its backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games. Also, it comes with the ability to run the enhanced versions of the games that were previously only viewable on the PlayStation 4 Pro console. Also, Sony touts a “Game Boost” feature to make the game look much better, but not every title gets the same level of benefit from it. Some gamers were thinking Sony was far from fully unlocking the potentials of the older titles, though, and one modder, who goes by the name Illusion, got to work on using exploits to unlock the frame rates of more titles.

Eurogamer recently reported on the mod, which is not very affected on the fully updated PlayStation 5 consoles, only on versions with much older system software that can be exploited. Eurogamer’s content partners at the DigitalFoundry did a video with Illusion going over what games she’s been able to unlock the capabilities of and why, so let us take a look at the particulars.

Illusion FPS Boost Mod Details

Among the PlayStation 4 games that Illusion has made run at 60fps on modded Playstation 5 consoles are:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • DriveClub
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Just Cause 3
  • Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

According to Eurogamer, the reason these titles haven’t seen an official update to unlock this potential is that the games need to be converted to the much newer Sony development kits for the PS4 games to fully take advantage of the PS5’s horsepower, but developers moved on to the newer development hardware that is incompatible with much older games.

What Illusion did is comparable to one of the options that Microsoft offered for its “FPS Boost” mode on the Xbox Series X for Xbox One games, turning off system-level caps of 30 frames per second on games that would benefit from the minimal friction? PS4 has a trio of compatibility for PS4 games, and they do not always jibe with what a particular game is capable of A CPU boost, what’s effectively a PS4 pro clone with an extra additional CPU and GPU clocks, and a “last resort” that runs the game as if it was running on a standard PS4.


Eurogamer cities “Assassin’s Creed Unity” as an example of a game that, thanks to the limitations of these profiles, was not able to run at a steady 60 fps on the PS5 while it could on the rival Xbox series S and the Xbox Series X consoles.

Till Sony decides to implement these changes themselves, you would only be able to unlock them playing on a PS5 that cannot go online.

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