Useful Google Sheets Templates for Nigerians with Small Business

As a Nigerian with a Small business, you juggle tons of daily tasks, from meetings to budgeting, and more. This does not just become stressful, but it also consumes your time, and it inevitably affects your overall productivity.

Useful Google Sheets Templates for Nigerians with Small Business

While there are several task management apps available, they don’t all come entirely for free, and if you are not ready to allocate a particular budget for those tools, there is a particular cost-effective alternative. It offers you access to a lot of pre-designed templates that would help cater to specifically small Nigerian businesses.

Useful Google Sheets Templates for Nigerians with Small Business

You can see it as your virtual assistant, ready to assist you with organizing your small business processes. In this article, I have stated some Useful Google Sheets Templates for Nigerians with Small Businesses. These tips are helpful to a Nigerian trying to kickstart his or her business, they would serve as the boost you require when it comes to organizing and other business processes.

Expense report

An Expense tracker usually serves as a very important tool for small businesses that offers a comprehensive overview of all the financial transactions going on. Also, it would help you closely monitor your cash flow, identify your spending patterns, and then allocate your resources more efficiently.

The expense report template carries a basic, and straightforward interface that would enable you to enter the date, description, category, and the amount of each of expense item, as well as the total amount of advances or reimbursements that were received. This would help you automatically calculate the total amount of expenses and the balance due or owed for each of the categories and the entire report. You can also customize it to meet your specific requirements.


Regardless of the size of your business, making use of a professional invoice template or an invoice tool is very essential. Also, it shapes just how your business is perceived, establishes a consistent and recognizable brand identity, builds trust with the clients through transparency, and saves you time streamlining the invoicing process. Also, you can make use of these invoices to keep an organized financial record for tracking your income, monitoring your cash flow, and simplifying your accounting tasks.

The free invoice template that was offered by Google Sheets stands as any professional billing tool. It enables you to enter your company name, address, and contact details, as well as your client’s name, project name, and the amount. Also, it calculates the subtotal and the total amount that you require, with any adjustments that you would want to make.

Employee Shift Schedule

If your business requires a team to assist you, you must have a framework in place that would help you plan your employees’ work shifts effectively. This would help you minimize scheduling conflicts, reduce the risk of understaffing or overstaffing, and guarantee that essential tasks are adequately covered most of the time. This would in turn help enhance your overall productivity and customer service by aligning your workforce with the peak demand periods.

The employee shift schedule template in Google Sheets would enable you to enter the names, roles, and hourly rates of your employees, as well as the start and end dates of the scheduled period. This automatically generates a weekly schedule for each of employee, based on their assigned shifts and hours. Also, you can adjust the shifts and hours manually if required.

Website Traffic Dashboard

Small and large businesses make use of the Internet to ensure their growth and establish their business online. If your business has a website, you should have a tool that would enable you to gauge the effectiveness of your online presence by tracking key metrics like page views, unique visitors, and conversion rates. These real-time insights will help you identify trends, and refine strategies accordingly.

The website traffic dashboard is an amazing tool for anyone that have the resources for extensive data analysis. This connects straight to your marketing channels and it would pull the data directly from your select view and data range. Also, you should be able to see the key metrics of your website traffic, which includes sessions, users, pageviews, average session duration, conversion, and bounce rate.

Project Tracking

As a free resource, they provide professional-level tracking capabilities without adding to a small business’s budget. Each template can be tailored to specific business needs, allowing for the addition, removal, or modification of features to track relevant data.

The real-time collaboration feature of Google Sheets is particularly beneficial for small businesses with teams working in different locations. Multiple users can access and edit the same document simultaneously, enhancing teamwork and efficiency. Being cloud-based, these templates are accessible from anywhere, which is ideal for remote or on-the-go work scenarios.

Furthermore, Google Sheets integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace tools, creating a unified system for project management, communication, and file storage. The variety of available templates for different project management aspects, such as timelines and budgeting, ensures that businesses can find a template that suits their specific needs.

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