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Quick Teller –  How To Use Quick Teller

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Quick Teller is an online financial service that allows you to purchase airtime, pay bills, send and receive money through the web. Users enjoy both local and international airtime top-up on this platform.

However, you don’t have to stress yourself in paying your bills, quick teller has made things easy. With a few minutes on This platform, you can conveniently pay your bills with ease, send and receive money and also recharge airtime in one touch.

Do you know you can request a loan, book flights, with QT? So, what are you waiting for to sign up for an account? One of the sections below will guide you on how to sign up for an account.

Quick Teller

 Quick Teller

QT has an improved mobile app, designed to make your daily payment simple, safe and secure.

Here are what you can do with the app

  • Users can send money to their friends and family without stress.
  • Make your daily bill payments with ease
  • Enjoy local and international airtime top-up.
  • Offers an excellent user experience
  • Offers two-factor authentication
  • Gains access to quick loans m

These are some of the features of the QT app. Thus, to get the app, read below

 Quick Teller App

To download the app on your device here is what to do

  • Move to the google play store
  • Search for the app using the search engine
  • On the result, page click on the app
  • Locate the install button and tap on it. For iPhone users go to the app store, find the app and click on Get, then provide your apple ID and password

After downloading and installing, click on the open tab to launch it.

Quick Teller Loan

Quick Teller lets you request and gets a loan. However, to request for a loan,

  • Go to https://www.quickteller.com
  • On their main page, scroll to the left pane of the screen, click on the More icon
  • Select the “request loan” tab.
  • Key in the loan amount you’re requesting for.
  • Enter your account number
  • Select your bank
  • Tap on the arrow tab to choose your bank.
  • Then, tap the continue widget.

To qualify for a loan, your transaction history will be accessed.

 Quick Teller Account

To register for a quick teller account on the web, follow the procedure below

  • Proceed to their website at https://www.quickteller.com
  • Click on the“ sign up” tab
  • Enter your first and last name
  • Input your email address, phone number and password
  • Click on the continued widget and follow the prompts.

These are steps to register for an account

 Quick Teller Transfer

Transfer money, you can transfer by transferring an account or transferring to eCash.

To Transfer money to an account,

Select transfer to an account

Key in your account number.

Select your bank. validate your account number

  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Then, enter the recipient Phone Number
  • Hit the continue widget.

To transfer to e-Cash

  • Proceed to their page
  • Click on the send/receive money” button
  • Select transfer to e-Cash.
  • Click on the “Fund my eCash” tab of choose “ fund other eCash”. It depends on what you want.
  • If it’s your account, tap
  • Enter your email or phone number

Key in your passes

Then logo

To fund other accounts tap on the button. , And follow the onscreen directives.

 Quick Teller DSTV

With quick Teller, you can subscribe to cable TV. To pay for your DSTV subscription using quick teller.

  • Progress to https://www.quickteller.com
  • Tap on the pay bills tab
  • From the options, choose “cable tv”
  • From the list of cable TV select DSTV Subscription and follow the directives.
  • Enter your email or phone number
  • Enter your DSTV smart cards numbers
  • Choose an option and continue

The above are steps to subscribe to your DSTV.  However, you can also subscribe to other cable TV, including GoTv.

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