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Expect details on the Sears Credit Card Application. Applying for a Sears Credit Card or Sears MasterCard is easy. All you have to do is visit the secure application page of Citibank and apply the steps outlined below to successfully apply for either the Sears Credit Card or Sears MasterCard.

Sears Credit Card Application

Sears Credit Card

However, before you apply for the Sears Credit Card or Sears MasterCard, you are advised to go through the terms and conditions of the card to make sure the card is right for you.

Applying for the Sears credit card is easy, fast, and secure. You can either choose to apply online or in-store. Whatever medium you choose to apply with is fast, easy, and quite secure. So you can actually choose to apply via any medium that is convenient for you. After you have successfully applied, the card issuer will give you a response to know if your application is successful or not.

Applying for the Sears credit card will give you a card that you can use to shop at the Sears Family of Brands. Apart from using your card to shop, you will also earn rewards and benefits that will help simplify your purchase process. So now, as an avid Sears shopper, you have a card that benefits and rewards you for buying the things you love and helps you live the life you want.

Sears Credit Card Application

 Before you apply for the Sears credit card, you have to understand, that there are some device requirements, you need to meet up with if you must successfully apply online for the card:

Device Requirements

  • A computer equipped with at least a 128-bit security encrypted enabled browser and either a printer, a drive or other storage device is needed, in order to view and retain a copy of the terms and conditions.
  • Additional Disclosures and Privacy Notice.
  • A strong data connection

Online Application Steps

 To successfully apply online, you’ll need these application steps:

  • Visit the card issuer’s secure webpage
  • Enter the following details; First name, Middle initial (optional), and Last name.
  • Next, fill out the following details; Email address, Address, Phone, Financial information, SSN, and Date of birth
  • Thereafter, go through the account terms and details, and consent to them
  • Finally, tap on the “Submit Application” link to complete the application process.

That completes the online application step for the Sears card. All you have to do now is wait for a response from the card issuer.

Store Application

 To apply in-store or in person, you’ll have to go through these steps:

  • Visit your nearest Sears departmental store
  • Collect the application form from the cashier and fill up the same with the details required
  • Once you are done filling out the form, return same to the store
  • Then wait for a decision from Sears.

Now, that completes the store application for the in-store application for the Sears credit card. All that you now have to do, is to wait for a response from the card issuer.

Sears Credit Card Customer Service Number

 Contact the customer care unit by calling the number listed on the card’s secure website for inquiries on the Sears Credit Card Application. If you are having difficulties applying, you can either ask a customer service representative at any Sears store to confirm the application requirements. Or better still call the customer service number to get directions on what to do.

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