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Sears Credit Card Payment: Sears Credit Card Payment Terms

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Sears Credit Card Payment. Sears offers different payment mediums which cardholders can use to make their card payment. Card payment can be made via phone, online, mail, and in-store. Sears credit card and Sears MasterCard, are both offered by Citibank.

Having the ease to make your periodic payments is very essential. This is because, apart from helping you avoid making a late payment, it also helps you not to miss out on making payments. Making late or missing your payments, can impact negatively on your credit score, and is not good if you are trying to build your credit.

Sears Credit Card Payment

Sears Credit Card Payment

Being able to make on-time payments, will help you if you are trying to build your credit score. Where you already have a budding credit score, it can help ensure your credit score does not take a dip. Once your on-time payments are reported monthly to the three credit bureaus which are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, you can be sure that your credit score will steadily build up.

However, the Sears credit card payment option comes with some terms that you need to know, in order to make your payment procedure easier, fast and secure.

 Sears Credit Card Payment Terms

 Here are the payment terms, you need to know before making your card periodic payments:

  • Making your bill payment on time is essential, as it keeps you out of late fees, as well as negative credit reporting.
  • For your convenience, you can choose a due date for your Sears credit card bill payment.
  • You can contact the customer service unit, and intimate them on the billing date you desire
  • A 25 days grace period is given
  • To avoid interest, you are to pay your entire balance before the payment due date
  • For late payments, a $27 late fee will be assessed if you haven’t had a late payment in the past six billing cycles, and a $37 fee will take effect if you have had a late payment within the past six cycles.

Sears stands as a well-known retail chain of department stores, which offers shoppers a variety of items for purchase in stores and online, like clothes, tools and appliances.

Phone Payment

 Customers, can pay their Sears MasterCard by phone, by calling the Sears Credit Card Services toll-free number, thereafter, follow the prompts to make a payment. Customers can also opt for a customer service representative for help with the phone Payment.

Online Payment

 How to Set Up Online Sears Payment Account

 To make Sears Credit Card Payment Online, you will first be required to create a Sears credit card payment account. Here is how to do it;

  • Visit the Sears website
  • Tap on the “Sign on to your account” link, at the upper right corner of the page
  • Once you reach the sign-on page, tap on the “Register Your Card” button
  • Key in the required information needed to register.

Once your registration is complete, you will get a confirmation email.

How to Pay Online

  • Visit the Sears home page
  • Choose the “Pay Your Bill” option
  • Key in your User ID and Password on the sign-in page, and tap on the “Sign On” button to access your account
  • Tap on the “Pay Now” button on your account page, and key in the bill amount you wish to pay
  • Then, use your credit card, debit card or net banking ID to complete your payment
  • You can contact customer service if you are having difficulty logging in.

How to Pay Online

 Mail payment can be mailed to the following addresses;

Sears Payment Center, address provided at the card’s website. Before you make the payment, it is advised, that you call the customer service number to reconfirm.

For Overnight Payments

 Sears Payment Center/Overnight

In-Store Payment

 Payment can also be made at the Sears location, which is convenient for you. To get fast service, you are advised to bring your billing statement with you to the store. You can make your payment here in person at any Sears location of your choice.

Sears Credit Card Customer Service Number

 Contact the customer care unit by calling the customer service number provided at the card’s secure website for enquires on Sears Credit Card Payment. When you call the customer care centre, you’ll get directives on how to make payments, using any payment method of your choice.

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