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WebMoney Sign Up – Review On WebMoney Sign Up

by cardshure

WebMoney Sign Up is an act of registration for a WebMoney account. WebMoney is an online payment platform. It was established in 1998, in Russian, owned by WM Transfer LTD.  Thus the platform is one of the largest electronic payments processors in Russia via the number of users. The company reports 41 million registered accounts and 300,000 active weekly users as of early 2020, and 100,000 stores accepting payments through the system.

However, on Webmoney, users funds are stored in a purse, which holds electronic money corresponding to an underlying asset, like a currency. Their assets are held by a global network of organizations that act as guarantors for the payment system.

WebMoney Sign Up

WebMoney Sign Up

The platform provides an easy sign-up procedure. You can sign up by visiting their online portal or download their mobile app to register. However, will be providing steps to sign up for an account, kindly read below

  • Navigate to https://www.wmtransfer.com
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” tab
  • On the sign-up page, select your country code
  • Key in your mobile phone number
  • Enter the character from the picture
  • Then click on the More button
  • Key in your personal information
  • Confirm your phone number. You will receive an SMS code.
  • Create your password.
  • Confirm your email.

I believe with the above steps you can use to sign up for a WebMoney account.

WebMoney Wallet

Webmoney is a popular e-wallet used for deposit and withdrawal transactions on the platform and on the internet. Users can store, send, receive money and also paying for goods online using the platform.  There are things to know about depositing and withdrawal money via WebMoney, you can read the field below for details.

WebMoney Deposit

To deposit money to your wallet, you need to select the corresponding purse with the currency you want, then choose the deposit method you like. However, there are plenty of options available, though it may differ based on your locale. When the money is deposited you can use them for a deposit on IQ options.

WebMoney Withdrawal

Webmoney withdrawal to use this money payment platform for withdrawal, kindly login to your account go to the withdrawal site and select the WebMoney wallet in the currency you want. Then, fill in the Webmoney purse number and select the amount you want to withdraw.

Once the money reaches your wallet, you’ll be able to withdraw them from Webmoney account to your bank card, another e-wallet, bank account number or through other payments procedure. Follow the instructions on the screen.

WebMoney Keeper

It’s the WM mobile app. The keeper app, a secure and convenient app, offers outstanding payments for popular services. Users make instant money transfers with the mobile app. Here are some of the features that come with the app

  • Offers invoices, send and receive WM.
  • Top up your card or bank account with your purse.
  • You can buy games, books and other digital products
  • Chat with friends
  • Share photos, audio and other files.

These are the core feature of the WM Keeper application.

 WebMoney App Download

To download the WM app, do the following

  • Progress to the google play store/app store
  • Search for WM app
  • Click the install /Get tab
  • Follow the onscreen directives to download and install the app on your device.

These are steps to download the WebMoney app on android and iOS devices.

 WebMoney Sign In

To sign in to your WM account, do the following

  • Go to https://www.wmtransfers.com
  • Tap on the login
  • Enter your email, WMID or phone number
  • Provide your password
  • Key in the numbers outlined in the picture.
  • Then, click on the “enter” button.

These are the procedure to access your account.

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