How to Download Google My Business App – Google My business App iPhone

How to Download Google My Business App on your smartphone. You can get this app for free by visiting Google Play or Apple App Store. Download Google My Business app and make use of its amazing features to increase the chances of getting millions of customers online. We know that businesses brought over the internet are growing fast and can easily draw more traffic.

How to Download Google My Business App

So to step up your business and let it move on a very high level, this is the best platform to use. Before I disclose how to download this app, I would like to talk about the GMB app and its outstanding features.

Google My Business App and its Amazing features

The application is very easy to use due to its user-friendly interface. With this app, users will be able to manage their businesses on their Smartphones. All you need to do is to register your business at after registering there are lots of things you can do on the platform like uploading photos, creating a listing, uploading status, reply customer reviews, and many more.


The home menu displays the level customers interact with your business. The app comes with features that enable you to share things about your business, upload images, and create a catchy offer. Within the app the customer button, lets you see your followers, reply to reviews and also message your customers. Thus the notification bar alerts you whenever people are interested in your business. We also have the edit button, it lets you edit your profile whenever you want.

How to Download Google My Business App

Once you get to the app market it is very easy to get this application. If you are using an android phone you must go to the play store but if your device is an iOS device, simply go to the apple app store.

Google My Business App  iPhone

By getting this buz application on your iPhone you will be able to uplift your business and also make it stand out with images, uploading deals and offers, etc. So to get this application, take a bold step to the apple app store platform on your iPhone, by tapping on the app store icon on your device menu.

Right on the app store, locate the browser tool and then search for the “Google my business” app and wait for the result. From the result page, hit on the “get” tab next to the app and it will start to download.

For an Android device

To install the application on your Android device you have to visit the play store, so to locate this store get your Android phone, move to the menu, and scroll through the apps to find the Play Store app. When you find it clicks to launch it. Move to the browser bar within the Play Store, and type in “Google my business”. Tap on the install button to install it on your Android device.

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